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Hazrat Syed shah shaikhan Ahmed shuttari Kamil Rh (Dabeerpura)

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Hazrat shaikhan ahmed shuttari kamil lineage is from Hazrat Syed shah Ahmed Gujarati shuttari Rh, known as Gujrati shah.

Kamil Shuttari was born on 23 Safar 1323 in Astana Shuttari Mohalla Dabirpura. His early education was given by his father Allama Syed Shah Ghouse Hussaini Qadri at home. He completed the course of Maulvi Fazil and Munshi Fazil. Hazrat Didar Ahmed taught logic. He has acquired grace from Hazrat Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui Allama Abdul Wasi (former professor of Jamia Osmania) and Afzal Ulama Maulana Syed Abdul Baqi Shuttari. As a trustee of the Deccan Council of Ulama, he was leading the religious issues of the nation for many years. Hazrat Kamil was at the same time a thinker, speaker, leader, commentator, muhadith, jurist, writer and poet who possessed numerous qualities. He was a preacher on the Imam’s pulpit and a spiritual physician in the monastery. Hazrat’s poetry collection wardat Kamil was published in his life. His last unpublished speech is preserved. 3. It has been the norm of the Piran Tariqat that he used to listen to his believers with the help of small stories and poems in his teachings and instructions. Poems are the best tools to make your speech effective. What is in the words of Kamil Shatari is found in the words of some of the later poets after the earlier poets. The memory of Hazrat Amir Khusro is refreshed by the words of Hazrat Kamil Shuttari. Hazrat Kamil used to inflame people’s hearts with his words. Even before the publication of his Kalam, his Kalam had gained fame in the subcontinent. He warmed the hearts of the people by reciting his speech in Qawal Mehfil Sama meetings and in this way his speech was publicized.
His poetry
It is clear that both happiness and sorrow are given by God. Where gratitude is expressed for happiness, Hazrat says that since grief is also given by Him, not only medicine but also prayer should be done to relieve this pain. When happiness is his only medicine for sorrow, how can I even lift my hand from prayer today? The demand for love and acceptance is that the heart should be free from all kinds of desires. Just as the dead body is handed over to the ghusl, the seeker should surrender himself to Allah, whatever the will of the friend should be his own. If the lover keeps desires in his heart and wishes in his heart, then according to the manners of love, this will not be called love but lust. An incident is mentioned in this regard that Hazrat Nizamuddin Mehboob Elahi once had an idea that he should become a lover or a beloved. He was inspired and accordingly he went to a bakery shop. Saw a man putting loaves in the oven and he was drenched in sweat. You waited for him, when he came out, you asked him whether he should be a lover or a lover. He said that if they come tomorrow, they will be answered. As promised, Hazrat Nizamuddin arrived at the Nanbai shop on the second day at the appointed time, but he was not present at the shop. On inquiry, it was found that he had died and his body was lying nearby. You went and saw that his dead body was lying in a state of extreme mourning. He dismissed the question and said that they have appeared as promised and they should be honored with the answer. Hazrat got the answer that in exchange of Aashiqui, as long as he was alive, he suffered near the oven and after his death, his dead body was lying without burial and shroud. This is the fate of a lover, so he was instructed to become beloved. Only a sincere lover can pass through the destination of love. In the path of love, there are always failures in the heart. It is that one should adapt oneself according to the intention of the beloved.
Love is another name for acceptance.
Love is nothing except the manner of submission and satisfaction, the desire of the heart, the Lord, and loyalty is nothing
In this way, there is no feeling of pain after the surrender
lived A friend’s will is his will, a friend’s happiness is his own happiness. Thus if any calamity from the friend
If it descends, it is not a calamity but a real relief. We are happy in the situation in which we were far away. The feeling of suffering is special. If this understanding is opened, then the lover will
He delights in persecution. It is common to see that there are one or two verses in a poet’s ghazal. Below is one of his ghazals, each verse of which is a ghazal, and usually each verse of a ghazal has an individual theme, but most of the ghazals of Hazrat Kamil seem to be immersed in the same color. Listen to each verse of the ghazal below
One looks but owns individual glory. Subject to the will of a friend, looking at a friend for the rest of his life. are To whom
Hazrat Kamil has described it like this. Turn the world, turn the body, turn the tree, turn the tree, that is, make a habit of living without desire. Hazrat Kamil says that there is a connection with the leader in determining the goals of behavior.
Limit is necessary. If you want to see the unfaithful display of beauty, the arrogance of love, if you create a connection with someone, then the connection will not be correct, then the understanding will not open, and if an ignorant person objects to this situation due to his ignorance and ignorance, then the owner will find it unpleasant. Hazrat Kamil has tied the article like this.
Leave me in my condition, O forager, enemy of reason, trusting in God, see, abandoning desires, committing suicide is a difficult task that the seeker can do with great difficulty. Every trouble is a forerunner, so take rest and work with patience. After a few days of suffering, Hazrat Kamil says in the following verse of his ghazal: “In the beginning, the feeling of suffering and suffering is intense, but gradually it becomes worse.” Afflictions turn into reliefs, even death becomes the title of a new life
Death itself will become a life upon life upon death upon death. If your friend is yours, then the whole universe is yours! Take it for yourself
And then the end of the journey on this path is the end of the life, the death of the soul, the death of the dead, and the death of the dead.
The reader often gets the lyrics. see I am living carefree, in every respect, I am compared to Daman Yaar
He says more about the relationship. What is kinship? Someone asks, I die for him, I live for him
See this poem of his regarding Faiz’s relationship, this pride is servitude, it is safe to be compared to him.
He says about his relative. I can make you mad at whomever I want.
And after death the lamp of eternal life shines. Where there is a stain on the heart, the perfect lamp is shining, come to our shrine and see, this is the way the candle is burning.
Momin Khan Momin also has a reputation for the purposeful use of his person. Hazrat Kamil’s heart was full of Prophetic love. One of his poems should be seen which is a high example of elegance and sophistication. Say, can you leave him who has called you even when he is dying? Far from your mercy
will not In the following poem, Hazrat Kamil admits his lack of talent but praises his faithfulness. A strange situation is thrown on the reader by his eloquent style of narration. See the poem.
He is unskilled, but not unfaithful, perfect, he is your servant, only your slave, so you admit slavery, but it is fun when the master also registers his master’s confirmation on the bond of slavery. Hazrat Kamil has explained this article in a very amazing way. It is obvious that we are his servants, even if someone goes to ask him, is it ours? Hazrat Kamil confesses his celibacy and says that he cannot pass the test of love and pleads to the Lord Almighty to grant him
Don’t be ashamed of this exam, it’s a shameless sinner like you and me, why do people who know God understand their times well. A poet has said in this regard. As long as it was not sold, no one asked, you bought me and made me priceless. Why should you buy the one who is perfect in the defects, why are you talking about this, sir, there is no price to lose, even in the above poem, how Hazrat Kamil has used his surname in a meaningful way is a special thing
Here are three verses of a minimalist ghazal by Hazrat Kamil
No, but they have complete trust in God. In the second verse, to be burned in the reckoning
He has mentioned. In the third poem, he has used artifice and innovation so well that the listener becomes powerless after hearing it. In this poem, he has mentioned his love for his true love in a unique way. The wave itself is the ship, the sea is the shore itself, what is the meaning of God, when God is ours, then I will rise to die on him, I will be burned again by the one who killed me, ask us sir! Hours of waiting We have had enough night, we have spent the day In the following poem, Hazrat Kamil has carefully interpreted the issue of Wahdat-ul-Wujud and has also made the interpretation of the secondary and legendary. Every existence is secondary fictional belief Tanvi is not possible. As the closeness increases with contemplation, the sense of distance increases more. Their eyes found nothing lost and were left alone, nothing was lost. A sense of ignorance has increased in the mind from knowledge, now it is known that nothing has been known. The eye of God falls on everything, but in view of Him the Creator remains real. See the inspired color in the poem below. What is there except for your eyes, in the eyes and in the heart, it is dead in every level of feeling. The principles and laws of eternal love are also eternal in which there is no room for abrogation, modification and correction. He has described the same principle as follows. The law of love cannot be changed
Hazrat Kamil has offered devotion in the service of the Prophet and he has expressed his great love and says that the love of the Prophet is priceless and the fire of the love of the Prophet is nothing in the heart that does not burn. May God bless everyone with the burning love of the Prophet, if this fire is not burning in the heart, then there is nothing. He mentions the Glory of Mercy of the Worlds. The body is the knowledge of mercy, they ask what is the place of whom is not, in your bosom of mercy, they express their concern regarding the Zaat Nabi and Aal Nabi. Hazrat Kamil Shikari had great devotion and immense love for Prophet Muhammad, which can be expressed in the following poem. It is from this that Kamil Mari Kaj Kalahi Manam by Sagan Ghulam Muhammad has been described by different poets in their own styles. Your ass is related to your ass, what is Taj Khosravi to your ass? Waves of love are seen flowing in every poem of Hazrat Kamil. A lover does not only love the beloved, but he is deeply attached to all the things that are associated with the beloved. It is said that an old man left for Hajj and Pilgrimage when he reached Madinah, he performed the Pilgrimage with great humility. But they returned without achieving the blessing of Hajj. People inquired that after covering such a long distance, they went for Hajj after being burdened enough, but why were they deprived of the happiness of Hajj? He said in reply that he could control the human demands for two or three days. When the demand became unbearable, they turned back because they considered it unethical to speak and speak on such a holy land where the Holy Prophet was staying. This article was written by Hazrat Kamil is tied
It is said that literature comes from the head, let’s sleep in Madinah, look at Naqsh Kaf Pai Muhammad, in the passage of his Naat-e-Pak, according to tradition, Hazrat Kamil reminds his person by using the two meaning of Momin Khan Momin. The person who is a bastard and the perfect servant is also the pride of this talentless person! Hazrat Kamil has written Ishqiyyah, Hamdiya and Naatiya Kalam in addition to Ahlibit Athar in the glory of Aqdas. Those Ahla-Bayt narrates the Purification concerning whose purity the Verse of Purification was revealed. Whose mouth is this that speaks of his purity that the praise of the pure is enough. In relation to Hazrat Ali, the hadith of Hazrat Akram is Sharif that government is the city of knowledge and Hazrat Ali is the gate of this city. The source of Hazrat Ali is necessary for the knowledge of knowledge and familiarity with the facts, so the source of various knowledge and teachings is Hazrat Ali. Shall I tell Tufail Daman Murtaza? What I found is that if you meet the Supreme, then you meet the Prophet, and if you meet the Prophet, then God meets Hazrat Kamil. Hum Tare Iqbal Se Chale Hai Sena Tan Kar Naz Ho Jaa Jaa Piada Tare After the events of Karbala, more or less all the poets have expressed their views. Hazrat Kamil expressed his extreme grief in his style in the service of the martyrs of Karbala
express. A hundred times this situation happened, the voice drowned out one by one, so the statement could never be completed without Karb and Kamil. In this way, their quatrains can be called the limit of these quatrains. Below are some of his verses as samples.
Who but your support my Allah! I seek your grace
If the news of the approved sight comes to grace, then should defects and talent not prevent Kamil from prostrating to the river. His mortal remains were cremated in Shuttaria Masjid, Dabirpura.
Annual Urs is celebrated. 
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