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 Hazrat shah Noor ul Huda (Sultan shahi)

Noor ul Huda ( Sultan shahi )
by quadeer

Hazrat noor ul huda Rahmatullah Alaihi

This nobleman who was the Sadat of the right lineage, at the end of the tenth century of Hijri, when the city of Hyderabad had been founded and the parrot of the Qutb Shahi government was speaking. Along with his brother and some Sadat friends, he came to Golconda, Hyderabad, Farkhunda Baniyad during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah Tajdar and settled near the tomb of Hazrat Shah Chirag (peace be upon him).

With the arrival of Hazrat Noor ul huda Rahmatullah Alaihi, this place became even more noble. And when the population of Muslims increased day by day, Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaihi had also bequeathed me before his death to wait for me wearing a long shroud. A man on a horse will come as fast as lightning with a spear in his hand and bury me. But let no one of you ask anything from him.” So it happened that when the Prophet died in the evening, his companions had put on a bath and a shroud and were waiting according to the will. After some time,

A rider came and placed his hands on the ground, built a burial place and lowered the body of Shah Nurul Huda into it, recited the Fatiha and left. Later it came to know that the rider was Hazrat Ameerul Momineen Sher Khuda Maula ali Mushkil Kusha Radiyallahu Anhu.
In the circle of Mir Muhammad Momin, Hazrat Kamzar is still a reference. See (Mir Muhammad Momin) the location of the circle of Mir Muhammad Momin
The lively green tomb needs no introduction. This mausoleum of Hazrat noor ul Huda (Alaihi-ur-Rahmah) is in the central-eastern part of the circle. Its internal extent is east to west, aft to H, and north to south to EMH. The height of this mausoleum is 4 feet hundred inches from the ground. The mausoleum has a dirt floor. Its entrance is on the south side. There are three tombstones in the mausoleum. And middle Mazala
It belongs to Hazrat noor ul Huda Rahmatullah Alaihi. The shrine of Hazrat noor ul Huda (Alaihi Rahma) is made of transparent and high-grade stone. He is a foot tall and a foot tall and only 1 inch tall. Outside the mausoleum, there is a clay lamp on the top of the mausoleum, on which there is an inscribed inscription written in Nasta’iliq script at the very top of the mausoleum inside the mausoleum.
The following is the inscription of Sang Selo, which has been installed in Kuchi.
Hazrat Syed Nur Ul Huda
On the talisman of the shrine, in the script, Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem is written on the northern side and aytal kursi in raised letters on the other three directions.
is engraved.
Urs was performed in a very wonderful way in ancient times.
Presently urs is celebrated on 13th jamadi Sani by the mutawalli. 
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Books for reference 
1. mir Mohammed Momin