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Hazrat Sardar baig saheb RH (Aghapura)

 Sardar baig saheb RH
by quadeer

Hazrat Sardar Baig Saheb was born at Hyderabad. Mirza Wahid Baig was Hazrat’s father. He was Hazrath Khawja Bahauddin Nashqband Bukhari’s direct descendant.

Hazrat Travel, Balaq to Hyderabad. They took shelter at a Mosque in Hyderabad near Irani Gali.
Hazrat Khaja Muhammed Ali Khairabadi a great Sufi saint stayed in Hyderabad.
Mirza Sardar Baig was his disciple, and his Shaikh later granted him the caliphate.
He was a Qadri and Chisti-Sufi caliph. Hazrat, a great Sufi saint from Hyderabad, was well-known as Auliya Allah’s pious disciples.
His chain is still functioning in Hyderabad
These are his most well-known and prominent caliphs
1. Hazrat Mirza Muhammed Baig
2. Hazrat Mir Imdad Ali alawi .
All walks of life, regardless of caste, gather to celebrate the prayers.
This event takes place on the 12 Jamadi al-Awwal Muslim calendar. Every year, Hazrat visits Sardar Baig Saheb (Dargah), Hyderabad’s most famous shrine.
People from all walks of life gather here to seek blessings , regardless of their religions .
It is difficult to write about great Sufi saints. He was also a pious personality .
He engaged in long-term religious discourses, sermons, as well as spiritual training.
He was also a great advocate for Islam preaching, propagation work at Deccan.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t a such person during his lifetime.
Hazrat sardar baig saheb died on 12 Jamadi ul Awwal, 1310 Hijri.
A beautiful Tomb built over his burial.
Every year, Urs celebrated on the 12 Jamadi al-Awwal Islamic calendar at the shrine of Hyderabad.
Dargha  managed by the wakf board of Telangana State.
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