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Hazrat mohd abdul muqtadir siddique quadri ( Edi bazar )

abdul muqtadir siddique
by quadeer

Hazrat abdul muqtadir siddique was born on 6th Moharram ul haram in Madina Shareef.

Hazrat, the caliph and disciple of Hazrat Syed khaja Siddiqui Hussaini was also known as mahbooballah .

Hazrat pen name fazl e Rasoolallah

Hazrat’s linage traced back to Hazrat syedna Abu Bakr Siddiq Razi Allah hu anhu.


Hazrat completed his studies in Jamia Azhar (Egypt/sham).

Work and contributions

Hazrat was a lecturer at Punjab University, and then appointed administrator of Jamia nizamia.

Then Hazrat appointed head of the department at Osmania University Hyderabad.

The form of Sufi is the root of reflection.

The feet of the Sufi is the root of worship.

The teaching of the Sufi is the root of all hymns and

Hazrat left this universe on 19th rabbi ul Awal 1948.

The shrine located in Edi Bazar Old city.

Annual Urs celebrated.

I have Attended Urs celebrations a few times.

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