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Hazrat Syed Ahmed badepa (first lancer, Ahmed Nagar)

ahmed badepa
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Hazrat’s name Syed Ahmed’ badepa’ was the name given by spiritual master Hazrat Mahboob Elahi Rahmatulaliah. 

Hazrat was the Disciple and caliph of Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia Mahboob Elahi Rh. Hazrat was born in Delhi. At the spiritual Master’s request, he travels with Hazrat Burhanuddin Gharib Rh from Delhi to Hyderabad

The miracle is the ability to know the past and future, the nature and movement of matter. as well as the possibility of being at different locations at once, feeding many people from a small amount of food.

Hazrat Burhanuddin Gaharib settled in khuldabad. Hazrat Ahmed badepa arrived in Hyderabad and settled at first lancer Ahmed Nagar, near the masab tank.

Hazrat was a disciple and caliph of Hazrat Nizam Uddin Auliya of Delhi.

Hazrat Mutaqabuddin Zi Zari Baksh died. and Hazrat Nizamuddin gave instructions to his brother Hazrat Buhranuddin Gharib, which he did.

As per the order of his Spiritual Master, Hazrat Syed Ahmed Badepa was also moved to Khuldabad Sharif along with Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib.

As per the order of the Spiritual Master Hazrat Ahmed Badepa reached Deccan in the year 709 A.H along with Hazrat Burhanuddin and Hazrat Burhanuddin Gharib stayed at Khuldabad and Hazrat proceeded to Hyderabad.

Hazrat Ahmed badepa came to Hyderabad and comforted down in the first Lancer area and spent all his life there and also he died in Hyderabad.

His grave broken due to geographic and other modifications. It fell to the ground, and no one can trace it.

During the king of Hyderabad, Nawab Nasir Doulah ruled in Hyderabad. And at that time, Balan was a butcher, and he had lost his large number of goats on the mountain while grazing there and in the same area his grave situated.

So Balan troubled about this matter due to the massive loss of his goats. He explored everywhere and tried his best to find the goats. But he failed to succeed and was very disappointed.

Syed Badepa’s grave marks were unavailable, and it had already finished it. But inside the grass and soil, there were some indications of stone, brick, and mortar, and these items show the grave signs. one shepherd has seen all these indications. He has informed the facts of the grave Balan. 

He checked the area and discovered the grave consequences. Thus, he decided to offer dinner to those in need while standing there. If he does not find his goats, he will tell the truth in this matter.

Choudhary, seeing Hazrat Badepa’s imagination in the darkness, told him: I am Syed Ahmed Badepa and your goats are grazing the other side a mountain. So go there and find them.

Choudhry was happy to wake up in the morning and go up to the mountain to find all his goats there in good condition. All goats were also grazing on the mountain.

He became his devotee at this moment and constructed his grave again on the 12th Jamid Ul Awwal. He also arranged the dinner of bread with spicy stir.


King of Hyderabad Nawab Nasir Doulah visited his shrine with his family and royal members


Title Badepa

There is a legend about his title Badepa. He traveled to Delhi in one night, putting his foot on air. Then he returned the next night to Delhi at the request of Master Hazrat Nizamuddin Ahuja of Delhi.

His Master granted him the title Badepa because of his compassion and favor for this great miracle, which he was able to do through the graces of Allah.

Hazrat has covered the travel of Delhi in one night by putting his foot on the air, and so due to this reason, he deserved great status for his task in this matter.” His grave situated in the First Lancer area (Ahmed Nagar, Masab tank).

It located in the southern direction and is near the mountain. Beautiful four sidewalls surround the grave, and the stone floor is there. About his death, details are is not available in historical records.  Annual Urs Shareef conducted by mutawali every year. 

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