Hazrat syed hyder shah quadri Miracle Alive 9 (Zanzeer peer) Rh

Hazrat Syed Hyder Shah Quadri (Zanzeer peer)  tolichowki 

 Hyder Shah Quadri
by quadeer

Hazrat Hyder shah quadri shrine is in shaikpet near Darga Hazrat Hussain shah wali.


The miracle of this shrine is one day a thief who tried to steal a gold chain from the shrine gold shrine turned into an iron chain, Thief died on the spot. That’s why the shrine is famous as a zanjeer peer( hyder shah quadri).

The Perfect Master isn’t bound by any religion, creed or caste or scriptural injunctions,or prescribed worship methods, etc.

They are in a state of total ‘free will’ without any conditions of nature. Hazrat’s Hyder shah quadri fame and love for people had been drawing thousands of people daily to the shrine.

Sufism, or Tasawwuf Sufi / Sufi, is a mystical sect of Islam. Its sects called Sufis (Sufi saints). Their goal has been the progress of their sect and the service of Sufism. Sufis did not accept donations and gifts from kings and preferred to lead a simple life.

There are many Gharanas that Sohrawardi,Naqshbandiya,Quadri Chishtiya Kalandaria, Shuttaria.

Sufism believed to have originated about a thousand years ago in Basra, Iraq. can say nothing about the exact period of its arrival in India. Personalities like Rabia, Al Adham, Mansoor Hallaj are their pioneers – they were the ideals of their contemporaries.

Still, they had to face the disregard and disdain of the general public during their lifetime. Sufis got their identity from the time of Al Ghazali (1100 CE).

Later poets like Attar, Rumi and Hafiz counted in this category, making poetry the medium of Tasawwuf.

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti had become involved in the propagation of Sufism.

Sufi people called Sunni, and in Sunni Islam, different types of believers follow the real Quran Hadith.

If Islam is not a society, then it can understood from the Quran Hadith, and the one who understands the Quran Hadith is the genuine believer.

A person who follows the ways of Hazrat Muhammad or Sahaba, and then forgets about the world, and lives in Allah’s name, called a Sufi.

After spending his entire life in the name Allah and His Messenger and learning the Faiz from them. he becomes a God and all their troubles taken away by that Sufi Baba.

Even after that, he is helpful to the people by the command of Allah from his grave.

There are many theories about the source of the name Sufi. Some consider it derived from the Greek Sophos (Sophos, wisdom). Philosophy, Theosophy, etc., have derived from this root.

Many consider it to derived from the Arabic safah (sacred). Some say that it came from Suf (wool) because many Sufi dervishes wore wool clothes. Woolen clothing associated with ascetics and mystics.

Sufi meant “one who wears wool” (suf ) and the Encyclopedia of Islam call other hypotheses unstable. Al-Qushayri, Ibn Khaldun and Ibn Khaldun rejected any other possibilities on linguistic grounds.

Another explanation traces the root of the word to the word ufān, which means “purity” in Arabic. In this context, a more similar idea of ​​tasawwuf believed in Islam to be tasbih which used in Sufism.

These two explanations combined by the Sufi al Rudabari, who said, “A Sufi wears wool over chastity”.

Sufis believe that their source is the Prophet Muhammad himself.

Annual Urs of Hazrat Hyder Shah Quadri celebrated every year. We could not find Hazrat Hyder Shah Quadri  Linage now so that we will update it as soon as possible.

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