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Hazrat Abdul Quddus Gangohi 

Abdul quddus gangohi
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Hazrat abdul quddus were born on 23 Jamadis, Sani 852 Hijri at Rudauli Sharif, District Ayodhya. His full name was Shaikh Mazharuddin Abdul Quddus and his title was Qutab-e-Zamana, Kulbul Aktab.
Hazrat abdul quddus were born in the Qazi family of Rudauli Sharif. Your grandfather is Hazrat Shaikh Shafiuddin Ashrafi Al Nomani Rahmatullah Alaih who is the follower and caliph of Huzoor Syed Mir Makhdoom Jahangir Ashraf Simnani Rahmatullah Alaih. Nomani appears in your name also because your Shajra-e-Nasb meets Imam-e-Azam Hazrat Abu Hanifa Rahmatullah Alaih and this Shajra goes from Imam-e-Azam to Hazrat Noah Alaihissalam.
Once your father Hazrat Sheikh Ismail Alaihira Rahma was playing with the children in Rudauli. While playing, he passed in front of the Hujra of Sheikhul Alam Rudaulvi Rahmatullah Alaih. The children said, let us all see Makhdoom Saheb today. Saying this, all the children lined up. When Hazrat Shaikh Ismail (peace be upon him) looked at you, you looked at him and said Ismail, come here, he went to you and sat near him. Huzoor Shaikhul Alam (peace be upon him) touched his forehead. When Hazrat Shaikh Ismail (a.s.) got up from there and went away, the devotees present at the spot asked, “Sir, what was the matter that so many children visited you but you did not call anyone to you, why did you call only these people, sir?” Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaih said that the reason for this is that he had a son in his family.
Whoever will be the Qutub of time will get my phase in whose honor the Qutubs will be changed till the Doomsday.
second forecast
Syed Mir Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani Rahmatullah Alaih had also once told your grandfather Sheikh Shafiuddin Nomani Ashrafi Rahmatullah Alaih that Shafiuddin will have a son from your generation who will be the Qutb of the times, hence, even before your birth, the time of foreshadowing of your foreignness and Qutabiyat was given. The biggest thing was done by Wali-e-Qamilo.
Since childhood, you were always in love and unlike other children, you used to stay away from the noise and bustle. You were only concerned about attaining the blessings of Allah and you were far away from worldly matters.
azizi and inkisari
If a Salik does not have Azizi and Inkisari then he can never join the group of Sufis.
Becoming a Sufi is another matter, but in order to be a true Sufi, Aazizi and Inkisari are two very important stages found among the people of Tasawwuf. It was your habit of fitting the slippers of the worshipers outside with your own hands for many years. When your father Hazrat Sheikh Ismail Alahirrahma came to know about this lovely and unique system of yours, he called you and explained and said, Mazharuddin, this may be a bit too much. Control yourself, but you would have been busy with yourself because your mission was to control Nafs-e-Tammara. You wanted to control worldly desires, you Rahmatullah Alaihi succeeded in this mission.
your marriage
There is a strange story behind your marriage also. You had a thought since childhood that when I grow up I will go to the jungles and get rid of the world.
I will break it and will humble myself in the path of Allah. But Allah Rabbul Izzat had something else approved. Hazrat Sheikh Arif Alaihirrahma, the son of Darsal Huzur Sheikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaih and the decorator of the Dargah, had two princesses. Mullavis was among the evil ones. That’s why that marriage didn’t last long and finally they got divorced. Now, when the time for the second daughter’s marriage approached, Umm Kulsoom, who was a neighbor of Hazrat Sheikh Mohammad Arif Alaihirrahma, thought that this time the consent of Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Alaihirrahma would definitely be taken for the second daughter’s marriage. One day while she was sleeping, she had a vision of Shaikhul Alam Alaihirrahma in the night, in which he told her that Mazharuddin Abdul Qudus Alaihirrahma is Qutab-e-Alam and deserves a very high position, so get your daughter married to him. When it was discussed in the morning, Sheikh Mohammad Rahmatullah Alaih, who is the Piro Murshid of AAP Rahmatullah Alaihi and the grandson of Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaihi. For his sister’s wedding I said to you that you are not worthy of this answer, he got angry, then he said, what is in your control, then you said, I am just a lump, I am your slave, you can keep it as you want, then after that your marriage was fixed and that day too. Came but there was no change in your health and well-being. Even on the day of marriage, you kept doing your daily affairs, some people from your old age came and got you ready and took you away, then when the ceremony of showing your face happened, which is found in some places of UP, then you went to the poor harvesting where some women You were singing Rahmatullah Alaihi, when you came inside, listening to her songs, you got a strange feeling and you got down from the throne, you tore your new clothes. Umm Kulsoom replied to the women and said that the marriage has been fixed from where Allah and his beloved wished.
Love from Shaikhul Alam
You used to have immense devotion for Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaihi and it would be more appropriate to say that you are a real Jansheen and close follower of Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaihi. One night you were giving attendance on his sleeve, you had a couple of books in your hands, suddenly you were so upset that you fell unconscious, then you were ordered to stop reading and writing and to fulfill the purpose for which you had come. After getting this order, you stopped reading books from that day. One day you went to your father’s house, three days passed, on the fourth day when you saw Huzoor Shaikh Alam Rahmatullah Alaihi in your dream and said, we have set your house on fire, will you still not leave this house, after that as soon as he opened his eyes When you opened it, you saw that the house was burning, you immediately left there and after that you never went to your father’s house. Once you thought that Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaih
I have been worshiped by Batani and the rule of Tasawwuf is that it is very important for the Murshid to be alive. No matter how strong your connection with Sahib Astana is, but whenever a Peer praises someone, it is important for him to remain alive. It was to be thought that in the meantime, Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaih appeared and said, ‘Kuddus, do you still doubt that I am not alive? Hearing this, you fell at his feet and became his worshipper. After that, you took him to Gangoh Sharif Tasharif, your relation Sahib. Tosha was so strong that if you had fallen asleep at the time of Tahajjud, Rahmatullah Alaih would have come and woke you up and said, “Get up, the time for Quddus Namaz is about to come.” You, Rahmatullah Alaih, would have woken up and offered Namaz.
(Note–) It must be kept in mind here that even before you were born, Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rudaulvi Rahmatullah Alaih had already said goodbye to this world, but it was due to your relationship and the condition of your old age that Even after that, you continued to be surprised by his sight.
Objection on existence and your glory
Once in Gangoh, hazrat abdul quddus were sitting in a hujra, you were accompanied by your two sons, Hazrat Sheikh Hameeduddin Alaihirrahma and Hazrat Sheikh Ruknuddin Alaihirrahma, so a debate started on Wahdatul existence, initially both your sons were disbelievers, then you presented an argument on which they Calm down, but now your mind was far away from peace and peace, you felt that perhaps these two sons have moved away from my Mashraf and Maslak. Thinking that you left there in the care of Jalal, seeing your Jalal, no one had the courage to stop you, all the sons also started following you. I will go to him and ask him the same question, if his marriage separates from mine, I will immediately break all relations. While you were walking you reached Lakhnoti, in the meantime, the inspector of Gangoh, who was also your close friend, came to you with the speed of lightning and said, Huzoor, if the king comes to know that you have left Gangoh, then he will be responsible for this.
He will understand me and take my life. It is better that I be killed by your hands. Hearing the words of the inspector, your heart softened and then you returned back to Gangoh. First of all, you asked him a question regarding the relation of existence, on which he recited some verses of Quran Kareem, you said come sit near me, then gradually your glory started decreasing and your sons also accepted your honor. And apologized.
Your relation with Khwaja Nizamuddin Mahbube Elahi
Once hazrat abdul quddus were with your followers in Delhi, this was the time when there was a war going on between Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur to get the Sultanate. You were resting, one of your followers was grinding flour with a mill to cook bread for you, when he fell asleep, he saw Khwaja Nizamuddin Mahbube Ilahi Rahmatullah Alaih running the mill with his hands and told the Khadim that you were sleeping. Ho there my kudus is hungry get up and bread for my kudus
Cook When that devotee woke up, he saw that the mill was running, he cooked bread and fed it to you.
Your devotion to Sabir-e-Pak Rahmatullah Alaihi
hazrat abdul quddus name has become very famous because you have the honor of organizing the first Urs in Kaliyar Sharif. Before you, there was no Urs in Kaliyar. You, Rahmatullah Alaih, organized the first Urs and started the construction of Aastana, the principle behind it. It is narrated that once when Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rudaulvi was sweeping the floor of the house of Rahmatullah Alaih, an elderly man came to him and said, why don’t you come to our place also to sweep? You did not pay heed to the words of the old man. But suddenly I remembered and started wondering who these elders were and what was their meaning. You remained entangled in this dilemma, then one night Huzoor Shaikhul Alam Rahmatullah Alaih came in his dream and said, Quddus, that old man was none other than Huzoor Syedna Alauddin Ali. Ahmed Sabir Kaliyari Rahmatullah Alaih, after that you keep searching for his hand Kaliyari Sharif
Hazrat abdul quddus have reached, that’s why even today your children are on the throne there and your children have been called by Huzoor Syed Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir Kaliyari Rahmatullah Allah as his spiritual children. This is a sign of your pride and greatness, the more fun the people of Rudauli make on you, the less Maula, may we all be rich with your respect and Faizan.
Hazrat abdul quddus khulfa
In fact, you have more than five thousand Khulafa. In which some of the famous and famous Khulfa are these.
1–Hazrat Sheikh Hamiduddin Nomani Rahmatullah Alaih
2–Hazrat Sheikh Ruknuddin Nomani Rahmatullah Alaih
3–Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Ghafoor Rahmatullah Alaih (Azamgarh)
4–Hazrat Sheikh Khawan Jaunpuri Rahmatullah Alaih
5–Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Ahad Rahmatullah Alaih
(Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Ahad Rahmatullah Alaih is the father of Imam Rabbani Huzoor Mujaddid-e-Alfe Sani Rahmatullah Alaih).
You said goodbye to this mortal world in 1537 AD, but your name will continue to shine till the end of time.
Annual urs of Hazrat Abdul Quddus Gangohi is celebrated every year.
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