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Hazrat Syed  khaja Hassan Burhana shah saheb qibla Quadri (Santhosh Nagar)

 burhana shah saheb
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He was born in Iraq in the year 1119 Hijri. He was an extraordinary pious personality. He was the Qutub (highest cadre of spiritual pivot) at his time. He belonged to the grand Order of Sufi masters of Saherwardi .

There are many miracles and events that he did in the area of the Deccan (South India), which helped for Islam’s propagation and preaching work.

Hazrat burhana shah saheb was living at the time of Hazrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib to Hyderabad.

Aurangzeb R.h army moved from Mir Jumla’s tank bund to Golconda fort. There, two great Qutub Hazrat Yusuf Sahibs and Hazrat Sharif Shib were also present .

Due to the above reason, he asked a piece of cloth from his disciple and covered his body. 

Upon crossing away from the royal army of Aurangzeb from there, he returned cloth to the disciple.

The people shocked to see his action and asked him the reason for covering his body upon arrival of the royal army of Aurangzeb.

Hazrat Burhana Shah saheb told one of his followers to place his head in his armpit, and that he should ashamed of the human beings not from the animals.

The person who had put his head into his armpit said except Hazrat Yousuf sahib and Sharif Saheb. He saw all royal artillerymen in the form of animals.


Once, Nawab Maali Parst Khan was the gardener and was a minister to the Sultan Qutub Shah Golconda. He came to him and said that Hazrat, his wife, was pregnant, and the delivery period was very close. I don’t have any money and that I am inferior.

Discouraged by my poverty, I have come to see you. You please, Hazrat has mercy on me.” Hazrat was in a state of ecstasy at that time and said, “Go; Allah Ta Ala will help you.” On hearing this, the gardener returned to his home.

When he entered his home, he was coming to know the good news that a son was born. The gardener noticed Anol (navel string), so he went outside to dig soil for the Anol. After excavating the soil, the gold-colored cauldron found.

He was confident that he had received a cauldron through the blessing of Hazrat Shah Saheb’s prayers. After some time, he told the minister that both were available.

The minister maintained three wives, but there were no children. He came to see Hazrat Barhana Shah (May Allah shower his mercy on him) and requested children. Hazrat said, “The Lord Almighty is going to grant.” Hazrat gave Nawab a mug of water or some juice. The Nawab drank it immediately. And due to the prayers of Hazrat Buurhana Shah saheb, he got children from his three wives.

Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah’s Surprise.

One daytime Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah has asked Nawab Maali Parst Khan how many children he has? So he has replied to him that, I do not know in this matter so I will ask my secretary and inform you by tomorrow and present the list to you.

The Sultan laughed at the matter and he asked him: “Khan Sahib, before you had children, now you have a significant number of children. How do you know their numbers? So Khan has explained to him all details of his story and the blessing of Baba Burhana Shah saheb in this matter. The Sultan’s existence in the court of Barhana Sahib.

After hearing the details of Nawab Ma’ali Parst Kan’s event, Sultan Abdulla Qutub Shah had an idea. He should present himself before Baba Barhana Sahib and ask for the blessing of male children.

As there was no male child born, Sultan upset and worried. So Sultan has sent Khan Sahib to see Baba Barhana shah Saheb request a male child, so Sheikh has replied that he sent Begum Saheba to the shrine.

For their stay, two little tents arranged. Sultan and his friends were staying in one tent. Begum Sahiba, Begum Sahiba, was staying in another tent. Barhana Sahib entered the second tent and began meditation there .

Sultan had an idea to discover the secret behind this matter. He cut some of the tent’s fabric in which Begum Saheba was present and noticed that Barhana shah Sahib engaged in meditation. . Begum Saheba was resting on the bed with small children.

Upon Sultan’s look into the tent, the tiny baby disappeared from there, and Begum Saheba, while crying, stood from the bed, and she began weeping. So this was the secret of Allah, which Sultan has observed in the tent.

Upon observance of the secret by the Sultan, and for this reason, Shaikh has finished his meditation and left the tent immediately.

Sultan visited Sheikh Saheb in the morning to ask for forgiveness and asked him for his prayers for children.

Shaikh said to him that you made a mistake because of your haste in the matter. We had already prayed for your lineage to continue until the day of the judgement, but you tried to find the mystery Allah in this case and failed. Sultan left the shrine area with great disappointment and sorrow upon hearing this.

He continued on towards Golconda’s capital, and he couldn’t forget the significant loss he suffered as a result of his error in this matter.


He passed away from this world on 16th Jamadi Al-Awwal 1097 Hegira. His blessed mausoleum situated where he used to stay in his life. He was perfect in the following things. 1. Secrets of truth and Source of knowledge of Allah.

He was a great lover of Allah and a devotee, and he spent most of his time in starvation.

Hazrat burhana shah saheb shrine located at Santhosh Nagar phisalbanda. 

Hazrat burhana shah saheb has a Lot of devotees belonging to the Royal family and buried near the dargah. Annual Urs Shareef celebrated every year.

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