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Tajuddin Sher Sawar

Hazrat Syed Tajuddin sher sawar belongs to Sadat Hussaini (son of the Holy Prophet through his daughter Hadrat Fatima). He is one of the sons of Hadrat Syed Mohammed Baquer bin Syed Imam Zain al-Abidin and he is the 9th direct son of Hadrat Syed Ghouse al-Azam and he is the 21st direct son of Hadrat Ali bin Taleb A.S. His name is Syed Tajuddin and his names are Taj Auliya and Sher Sawar. In the Deccan he was known as Raja Bagsawar.

Tajuddin sher sawar
Tajuddin sher sawar

Since he always uses a tiger (Baag in Hindi) to kill snakes and keeps a snake like whip in his hand which he uses to whip things, the famous and famous person as Sher Sawar or Baag Sawar. Hazrat father’s name is hazrat Syed Ahmed Samanani and his mother’s name is hazrata Bibi Fatima.
He was born in the year 699 of the Islamic year of the Hegira in the city of Samnam, which is located in the province of Khorasan. His parents left their Narnol and settled there.

Education and training

He received education and training as well as knowledge of revelation from the most respected and holy people of his time and thus became a scholar and scholar of Islam. Looking for a soulmate
After graduating, he began to search for the perfect spiritual master and traveled to many places and finally came to Hansi. When he came to Hansi as Hadrat Khaja Qutubuddin told him, he went and initiated him into the Sufi order of Chisty. The Process of Spiritual Masters

Hazrat Khaja Qutubuddin ordered him when he made his promise and told him that he had been looking for such a pearl for a long time and by the grace of Allah he found it today and thus gave him the crown of Islam.

When his commitment was complete, he devoted himself and worked in devotion and effort for many years and for a long time he continued to pray in the pastures of Narnol and did intense exercises and cooked strength there. He used to perform strong and powerful mysteries and because of this, he could control that not only humans but also animals and birds were affected by him.


When he received the caliphate, his spiritual master ordered him to travel to all parts of India and the Deccan and engage in the mission of teaching and preaching Islam and enlightening the hearts of people with the knowledge of God and truth. . Complete the order of the spiritual master

In accordance with the order of his spiritual master, he performed his duty of teaching and preaching Islam in the best possible manner. Although in the Deccan region, along with the promotion of God’s spirituality, he also spread love and tolerance. For the mission of teaching and spreading the religion of Islam, he visited many places where Chilla was built and in these places, the annual death anniversary (Urs) was celebrated.

Coming to Basva Kalyan

He arrived at Basva Kalayan at the age of 90 in the Islamic calendar of Hijra 789 and during the Bahmani rule and his capital was Gulbarga. the sound of this time

According to his date of birth and death, it is proved that he lived at the same time as Hazrat Khaja Bande Nawaz Gesu Daraz. It is believed that there was a meeting between Hazrat tajuddin Sher Sawar and Hazrat Khaja Bande Nawaz. Death

The holy character of Allah and the Sheikh of his time left this mortal world on 21st Shawwal of the year 799 of the Islamic year of Hegira.

Urs (remember death)

Every year, from 20 to 23 Shawwal, the Urs is celebrated in large numbers. At this time, people from all walks of life, regardless of caste and creed, gather to celebrate the Urs (day of death) which occurs every year on the upper days of the Muslim calendar. the famous shrine of Hazrat Tajuddin Sher Sawar.

In the shrine of Hazrat tajuddin Sher Sawar for 600 years, there is a practice in which a sick person will make a silver chain of 25 grams which he will put in the veil of the holy tomb for one night and the next day, he will make him carry this knife in his right hand. With the blessings of Hazrat Tajuddin Sher Sawar, there will be a cure for the person’s illness.

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