Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani Great master 1.

Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani RA Warangal.

mashooq rabbani
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There are many works of Shaikh

Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A for spreading and evangelizing

of Islam and this he sent to his followers

all parts of the world and behind him his grandchildren

also follow his path and they have left their birth

somewhere abroad for the spread of Islam there. Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani was one of the seven sons

who left Baghdad hundreds of years ago and went to India for those people

The spread of Islam was successful there

that he has had a great position in India, especially that

South India. Because of the presence of the seventh above

Famous people from Quaderia chain in India

and they made great efforts and all their efforts for those people

The spread of Islam and that is why they are called

The seven stars. Curriculum and biography.

His name and details of his race are mentioned as follows. His name is Hammad and his Alqab (epithet) is Jalal

Uddin and Jamal Al-Bahar but his great notoriety and

popularity are attached to his Qitab (title) of Mashooq

Rabbani (the lover of Allah). Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani is

of the 11th direct descendant of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani

R. A. His ancestral and lineage details are as follows. Syed Shah Jalaluddin Hammad R.A.

Syed Hasan Abdul Quadir RA

Syed Ahmed R.A.

Syed Shah Yousuf R.A.

Syed Shah Mohammed RA

Syed Shah Hyder Hilal Uddin RA

Syed Shah Shabuddin RA

Syed Shah Mohammed RA

Syed Shah Emad Udin Abi Saleh R.A.

Syed Shah Tajuddin Abi Baher Abdul Razzaq R.A.

Shaikh Abdul Quader Jilani R.A.


His holy birth took place about five hundred years ago

The seventh Rajab in the year 896 H. in the city of Baghdad

and at that time Turkey was a subordinate province

Baghdad government and the name of the ruler of Turkey is

Saleem. Education.

His early studies and training were completed under

direct supervision of his father at his home as their

the house belonged to great knowledge and wisdom and

at the age of 12, he finished his studies and

he was perfect in many areas of knowledge. His mother was also a

a perfect lady in many pieces of knowledge so when she will use to

observe any miracle from any of her sons then she used

to say to them baby take rest and then at that time the boy will

suddenly die at once and in this way many of her sons

were died. Till the age of 12 years, no miracle occurred

by him and he had completed his education in the

knowledge of Zaheri (manifest ) and then his father had

awarded him Qirqa (saintly dress ) and Khilafat (spiritual

successor-ship ). After life.

The reason for his journey to Harmain (For the holy and

Medina). At one point, he was standing in the room and that

this time revenge and geese are running forward

that’s why he kicked him and because of that revenge

died there immediately. The girl told this wonderful story

to Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani R.A. mother that he has

instructed him not to reveal anything

other things and he has started his preparation

separating him from his father because of the above. Turn on

get permission from Fada Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani

R.A. he left Baghdad with a few followers and

Mutaqadien (disciples) and his mother asked him

continue to the Holy Mecca and Medina. He had before

went to Mecca and from there to Medina

and he remained there for two years. Authorization to leave for the Deccan (southern India).

When he came to Medina and there he was rewarded

the Qitab (title) of Mashooq Rabbani (The Lover of Allah)

thanks to the kindness and nobility of the holy and noble prophet of

Allah and he were asked to leave for the Deccan (south of

India) for the spread of Islam there. In the year 916

AH or 917 AH, he reached Warangal

many disciples and darwesh people during the period of

Quli Qutub Shah was the ruler of the Golconda dynasty.

Seventy or eighty elephants accompanied him

Warangal and their weight were also beaten

carried by these disciples and darweshes. At this time

the Lodi kings ruled the throne of Delhi.

Stay at Somawarm Village.

On his arrival in Warangal, he proceeded directly

to the village of Somawaram which is 16 miles away

the south side of Warangal town and where it

had stayed there for 12 years on the hillside

and he was occupied there while standing in the

Anwar Haq (Lights of Allah) meditation. Stay in Qazipura city.

When he was on top, he stayed on

A small town of Jaipur which is five kilometers from Warangal. According to Miswat Nabiya reference book

which is a reference from another book

Anwar Aqbar as Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani R.A. after his

arrived from Baghdad to the Deccan (southern India) with it

had started his worship at the hill in Hanmakonda

country. Where there is a Hindu Jogi is very

powerful there idol worshipers use it

do a lot of bad things. Because of his cruelty, the Jogis

had thrown a big stone at the sheikh but for grace

of Allah, he stopped a big stone on his finger and

his fingerprints are still on the stone at that

The place is called Chilla and this stone is preserved

even today. When visitors see the stone

feel a great sense of peace and contentment in this. After this miracle, he came down on the mountain and had

proceed towards Qazipura town and proceed further

tomb of Qazi Ziauddin and asked him for permission

stay there and after the approval of his authority

stay there and cover his final resting place and

fixing his rod on the ground which is 150 meters

from here. Qazi Ziauddin did this

Army of Delhi King Mohammed Tughlaq for

Warangal travel and died in the war and for that

the reason why this city is known as the city of Qazipura but because

many Urs (annual death commemorations) of

Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani RA the city became very prosperous

known as Urs Jagir village. Family.

According to Qila Newspaper (Fort)

Warangal the Sheikh married in 925 A.H. and

he had two wives, and he had three of them

a son and a daughter and out of them two sons and a

the girl died in her childhood because of them

a miracle. Their three graves can be seen on the left

Near the grave of Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani R.A.. Only

Hazrat Ghouse Moinuddin son of Hazrat Mashooq

Rabbani R.A. survived and through him is the race

will continue and be blessed by Allah for preaching the good news

and the spread of Islam in the region. a miracle.

The author of the book Mishkawat Nabuwa said

and Sheik is a miracle worker in Kashaf

(Revelation). He performed many miracles, because of this, he did

is a difficult and difficult task to cover from them.

About the great miracle of Hazrat Mashooq Rabbani. R.A. Ranga Samudram is a large reservoir

situated west of Urs Jagir village and

which the local leader released the sheikh when

The Sheikh had shown him his great miracle by giving life

and the horse died because of the mercy and grace of Allah. Some

Other details about this miracle are as follows. Once home

and the king gave him a very expensive horse for the use of

The Sheikh was killed on this horse at the command of the people

The Sheikh trains disciples and Darwesh of

a temple that faced a severe famine at that time. Turn on

When the mayor got this news, he was very angry

in this, so he asked the sheikh to return his

the horse was so expensive that it was insisted upon and forced

For this reason, the sheikh mashooq rabbani ordered the darwesh

pick up horse bones and when you collect

The sheikh looked at them and said to Qum Bazin

Allah (Rise by the grace of Allah) then the horse

come to life by the grace and mercy of Allah. Due to his great miracle, the local ruler regretted in this

matter and touched the foot of the Sheikh with great

respect and honor and granted him the large water tank

of Ranga Samudram.


Sheikh’s death date and details of the death anniversary

mentioned as follows. The Sheikh died on 22 Rajab and

999 A.H. and buried him. But like the other

history, the date of his death is 17 Rajab 977 A.H.

and the memory of death will begin in general

Village Urs Jagir on 17 Rajab every year. The Urs (deceased

commemoration) administrators celebrate the ceremony

of the sanctuary every year in the best way for

comfort and best service of the guests of the sanctuary. From

the two camps of the old Gadi and the new Gadi (Small Fort), which

the ceremony of wearing shoes takes place at the same time. No

visitors to the temple receive food and blessings

this time in one of the different Gadies (small walls). Every Saturday and Thursday, visitors and big

many people will go to the holy place and pray to Allah for

the fulfillment of their wishes and desires as a result of which

Name of Sheikh.

For the care of ancient shrines and the poor

food and other expenses of the rulers of Golconda

and King Asif Jahi (Hyderabad State) gave some

a small town for the leaders of the sanctuary, the sons

of the sheikh. First, Sultan Quli Qutub Shah of

Golconda dynasty in 1095, AH gave Qazipura

the villages of these temples and villages also

The leaders of Hyderabad State handed over to the management

for the maintenance and other expenses of the sanctuary.

1. Aliabad Company.

2. To install the village of Alipur.

3. Village of Chotpally.

4. Somaram Village and Jamalpur Farm.

5. Close Dobba Kunata and Tinkur Kunta.

During the reorganization of Hyderabad State, all

on Inam work (donation) the community has

a source of annual income of more than one hundred rupees

thousands at that time in the hands of the authorities

by the government and in the case of the above countries for

every three months, a small amount of the gift is

the government is authorized to cover expenses

administration of Urs Jagir shrine village in Warangal. That one

Mashooq Rabbani shrine is located in Urus Jagir village, district

Warangal and the Qutubshahi kings of Golconda gave seven

towns and villages for maintaining the sanctuary said that

after the survey of Inam (donation), the above villages have villages which are

issued in support of the sanctuary according to law n°359 of 1298 F.

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