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Hazrat Shah Chirag RH  (Sultan shahi)

Shah Chirag
by quadeer

Hazrat  Shah Chirag was born and raised in Iraq. After Hazrat Baba Sharafuddin (may Allah have mercy on him) and Hazrat Syed Ahmad Yaya, the oldest Masti who is found in the books of history in the Deccan is Hazrat Shah Chirag (may Allah have mercy on him). Being born in Najaf Ashraf and growing right up is the inner commandment of Hazrat Amirul Momineen Sayyid Na Ali Murtaza Sher Khuda, may Allah be pleased with him. And settled a few miles from Golconda at the place where the tomb is today. Hyderabad did not exist at that time. Rather, there was a small village of education in which there were only a few houses of Brahmins. The Brahmins did not show any resistance after seeing the pious life of the Prophet and gradually became his followers.

2 Waited at the funeral. Before his death, Hazrat Rahmatullah Alaihi had urged a devotee not to hasten my burial because Maulana Kainat, Mr. Ameer Alaihi Salaam, had appointed a merchant. He will come with all the necessary equipment and perform my funeral. And you will also join him in this work and my greetings to the world. In the early drunkenness, Hazrat said, “According to the will of Hazrat Rahmatullah Aleem, the people finally saw from a distance a little before Maghrib, a charioteer who took the equipment and the means of burial and went to Hafiza with great speed. Ali al-Sabah left on the second day after doing funeral. When the people inquired, this person gave the same answer as the deceased had already said. After the shrine of Hazrat Shah Chirag Ro was built, this place became a place of pilgrimage for Kumanu. The truth is that Hazrat Shah Chirag 2 and Hazrat Shah Noorul Hudas mausoleum is located in this place, knowing this place to be holy and blessed, Hazrat Mir Mohammad Momin chose it as a cemetery for common Muslims. 
Mir Muhammad Momin’s tomb needs no introduction. It is a tomb within a tomb. There are two entrances in the east and west, the first and outer square tomb 27. ft. 3 inches square. There were no less than three Muhammed Bars in each direction. Among these twelve arches and two gates, a wah in the east, three in the west and one in the north earn 4, and in the east a row bearing the lantern. The rest 4 arches have fallen down and the western door is missing along with the doorpost. The inner floor is mud. Inside this tomb, one in the north-east corner, one in the east and five in the south, total of seven tombs are made of stone. Large tombs. There is a beautiful and beautiful mausoleum in the middle of the four arches. It is the only mausoleum of Hazrat Ko. This mausoleum is 1 inch square. Its interior floor is of Bachi. Mazarpur Mazar is of Sang Khara. Now the shrine is one foot 7 inches wide and one foot high.
It is 2 feet wide and 1 foot 1 inch high. At the head of the shrine is a stone arch of Kamani style. Book 
Above Sing Selo Mi Kund Hazara Shah Chirag
Urs of Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaihi is not an annual Urs. It is possible that it happened in ancient times, but even today Sindh and Muslim people visit the shrine of Hazrat with full devotion.

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1. mir Mohammed Momin