Hazrat mahboob mirza chisti Expert Master 1(Saroor nagar)

 Hazrat mahboob mirza chisti (Saroor nagar)

mahboob mirza chisti
by quadeer

Hazrat mahboob mirza chisti was born in Hyderabad. Hazrat’s father’s name is nawab Dadar ul Mulk.

Hazrat Mahabub Mirza of Hyderabad Deccan was a disciple Hazrat Muhammed Baig ChishtiQalandar.

Khawaja Mahbub Mirza has many caliphs in Pakistan and India. Hazrat Sufi poetry in Urdu and Persian is famous.

This is the spiritual chain of the Chishti Order in Pakistan. It includes Maulana Faakhruddin Muhammad Chishti and Noor Muhammad Maharvi Chishti. Shah Muhammad Suleman Taunsvi. Mirza Sardar Baig Chishti. Mirza Muhammed Baig Chishti Qalandari, Hyderabadi. Mahbub Mirza Chishti Qalandari Hyderabadi.

He was born on 1st Ramadan 1309 Hijri. His father brought him to Hazrat Miskeen Shah Sahib, a great Sufi saint of Naqshbandi Silsila. Hazrat miskeen kissed his forehead and said, this boy is early day Sufi Saint. So Hazrat Miskeen Shah asked his father to take special care of the education of this boy. So she brought her kid to him. He observed the hidden power in this child and said, this is my son and my Mahbub. So your parents give the name Mahbub Mirza.

Hazrat mahboob mirza chisti left this universe on 2 Safar 1394 Hijri.

Every year, his death anniversary Urs celebrated on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Safar (2nd Islamic months).

Hazrath mahboob mirza chisti shrine is in saroornagar.

I have Attended the Urs ceremony many times.

Present sajjada nasheen Hazrat Afzal mirza Chisti.

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