Hazrat Syed shah Ali meeran buqari Devoted Master 1

Syed shah Ali meeran buqari (Attapur)

Syed shah Ali  meeran buqari
by quadeer

Hazrat syed Shah Ali meeran Buqari was Hazrat Mohammed Kalan’s spiritual student.

The scholars will speak if the muftis and scholars continue to decorate this city with great knowledge, sharia and art.

Allah Almighty blesses people by adorning their hearts.

Hazrat Ali Buqari (may Allah have mercy upon him) is one such elder.

1123 We have lost you, that is to say you died in 1130. It was as if you were in the time period between eleven hundred and one million. We have submitted Hazrat before that. Sayyid Rafiuddin Baghdadi (may Allah be merciful on him), one the oldest people to visit Hyderabad on the morning Qadri, that Hazrat Syed Rafi-ud-Din Baghdadi visited (may Allah have mercy upon him)

Ghalib, plants of Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Kandahari. (may Allah be merciful on him). He is Hazrat Shah Syed Syed Abdul Salam (may Allah grant him mercy), his poet is dear to him.

Mention Hazrat Shah Ali meeran Buqari. (May Allah have mercy upon him).Briefly, we get from books a brief mention Hazrat Shah Ali meeran Buqari. Your name is the true homeland of the elders Bukhara.

You will be over 100 years old. He was a skilled and knowledgeable young man in science and manners. He used to say morning prayers and then describe the day, including who would be there.

He would then tell his servants the details and have them give the item to him. He would then say, “The question will be answered in the following way.” Today’s situation is either better or it will have a lion or an evil. He was engaged in worshipping God. He would then go out to see the inside the next day, and then the exact same thing would occur. Then he would return to the hujra and tell the details.

He used to spend his entire life in solitude, worshipping Allah. He didn’t meet many people, but he did as well with the famous. This is the principle behind the elders. This work also reveals the needs of those who are attached wrongly to you.

They are also able to meet the needs of patients they refer. Then you were busy in the remembrance Allah. I didn’t say that if anyone insisted more, they would accept it.

You would have given all the income, money, and other gifts you accumulated to the poor. It’s as if you didn’t spend your time looking at people or the gifts of those who have such great faith and trust in God, but you would give it to the poor and people who are happy with it. They used to go to the service, set up their food, drink loudly, and give gifts.

You are now in a state where you can withdraw from the world and immerse yourself in it. May Allah bless you.

Nawab was the Minister of Sultan Abdullah. Prince Khan was close to you, and often visited your services. He would often go to the shops and purchase all the necessary food and drink. Then he would carry the items on his head and place them in the hands of Hazrat Syed Ali Bukhari, who is the sheik at his Nawab’s house. Accepts this I am your happy fabric candidate.

The hereafter will be easier to understand if I receive a little blessing from you. This was the devotion of the Nawab. Allah, may He be glorified, exalted and exalted made such an arrangement from nothing that he didn’t have anything for himself. Hazrat syed Shah Ali meeran buqari (may Allah have mercy upon him).

He was thus created. It is believed that he was the ruin of a great saint, Sufi, and therefore one of his princes, Hazrat Haider (may Allah be merciful on him), was killed in his lifetime. After having made a very successful outcome for himself, the Nawab began to refer to Hazrat upon the death of his prince, and offered him a glance.

You made arrangements for the burial of your prince under this dome. Hazrat made arrangements for his son’s burial in the dome. You will find the Ring Road on your right. Just before the intersection is reached, you will see a path to the right. If we follow it, it becomes a straight path. After death, you can see Hazrat within. It is located on the banks the Musi river.

Hazrath, syed Shah Ali meeran Buqari left the universe during the month Zil hajj.

An Annual Urs Shareef for Syed Shah Ali meeran buqari will be celebrated according to the Islamic calendar.

Address to facilitate navigation Attapur pillar number 121

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Books for reference 

1. Gulzar asafia

2. auliya Deccan