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Hazrat Syed Shah Ismail Quadri ghodwadi (bidar)

Ismail Quadri Ghodwadi
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Hazrat Ismail quadri ghodwadi linage can be traced back to Hazrat Jaffer Sadiq Razi Allahu hu Anuhu. The linage is as follow

Syed Shah Hussain is the son Syed Abul Hasan’s son, Syed shah Mohammed Qutub Alam sani. He is also the son Syed shah Ali Zainuddin. He is also the son Syed shah Shamsuddin. Hazrat ismail quadri ghodwadi served in the royal service of sultan alauddin bahmani.

Hazrat ismail quadri ghodwadi had three sons 1. Syed shah Faiz Ullah 2. Syed shah mahlab 3. Syed shah Chand Quadri Hazrat ismail quadri ghodwadi left universe during the month Zil Hija in Bidar district. Hazrat was buried at ghodwadi. This is why it’s so famous. One of the most famous landmarks in Karnataka’s bidar district.

The Urs (death anniversary). People from all walks of life gather at this event to celebrate the Urs. It takes place every year on the 29th of Zil-hajj through the first of Muharram at Syed Ismail Qadri’s Dargah in Ghod Wadi Sharif. Many thousands of devotees, from all religions and beliefs, gather at the shrine to seek blessings. The shrine will be open to all visitors during the Urs (death anniversary). This is to fulfill their wishes and desires for the sake of Sheikh’s Name. This will allow caretakers to organize the ceremony on a large scale and visitors from far and near will be able to visit the mausoleum.

Every year, after the isha (night) prayer, the Sandal ceremony begins on the 29th Zil Hajj. Many hundred thousand people, from all walks of life, gather at the Sandal ceremony to seek blessings. The Sandal ceremony tradition will be taken from the house of the shrine servant by the caretaker. After passing through the streets and roads of Ghod Wadi Sharif village and reaching the shrine, the caretaker will arrange the Sandal ceremony in the shrine. After morning prayers, Qasida Burda and Samah (ecstasy), will be arranged by the caretaker.

The shrine will host a significant number of devotees on 3oth Zil Hajj. Several thousand people, regardless of their faith or beliefs, will gather there to seek blessings. There will also be Esal Swab (for the conveying reward for virtuous acts) in the names of Syed Shah Ismail Qadri and Niyaz Sharif (to offer in Syed Shah Ismail Qadri).

The shrine buildings are lit up after the Maghrib prayer. In the olden days there was no electricity in the village so oil lamps were used to light the shrine area. This goal was achieved by the requirement oil lamps that were placed in the shrine area. Old stands of oil lamps can still be seen on the walls.

After the isha prayer at Sama Khana, the Seerat of Syed Shah Ismail Quadri ghodwadi and Seerat of Syed Shah Ismail Quadri ghodwadi are held.

In these meetings, learned persons give biographies of Allah’s last prophet, and Syed Shah Ismail Quadri ghodwadi, in which hundreds of thousands of devotees, regardless of their religion, gather to hear the poem that expresse of Sayyidina Rasullah Salah Allahu Alayhi Wasallam’sahi Wasallam’sa and the excellence of Sayyidina Sharifahi Wasallam, Qa Burda Burda Burda Burda Burda Burda and the poem that expressing the grandeur of Sayyida Khai ahi ahi ahi a Alahi ahi ahi ahida Rasullahi a Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam a, Quran. Also, salam (salutation), is offered in the honor of Allah’s last prophet. In this manner, three days of Urs ceremony are completed. Weekly Niyaz Sharif.

There are many devotees who gather at Urs every Thursday, regardless of their religion or beliefs. They will slaughter goats and prepare food items, as well as Real Swab (for conveying reward for virtuous acts) in the names of Syed Shah Ismail Qadri and Niyaz Sharif (to offer an offering in Syed Shah Ismail Qadri’s name).

Many devotees from all religions and beliefs will gather in the shrine building during the summer season to seek blessings. Esal Swab will see a lot of goat slaughter in order to convey reward for virtuous acts. This is in the name Syed Shah Ismail Quadri ghodwadi. Friday and Monday will see large crowds of devotees from all walks of life, regardless of their religion or beliefs, visit the shrine to seek blessings, organize Niyaz Sharif, and offer an offering in Syed Shah Ismail Quadri ghodwadi’s name.

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