Hazrat Baba syed Fareeduddin soharwardi Iraqi Powerful Master 1

Hazrat Baba Syed Fareeduddin soharwardi Iraq (pahadi Shareef shamshabad Mandal)

Fareeduddin soharwardi
by quadeer

Hazrat was born in Iraq. His father was Hazrat Syed Musa.

Hazrat traveled to India along the following saints: Baba Sharfuddin and Baba Shabuddin. They traveled to many places before they settled in Shamshabad Pahadi Shareef, a hilltop community.

Hazrat Fareeduddin Soharwardi was a disciple of Hazrat baba sharfuddin souharwardi Rh. Hazrat Baba Fareeduddin Iraqi was the janasheen and sajjada-nasheen of Hazrat baba Sharfuddin soharwardi.

Hazrat Fareeduddin SOHARWARDI spread Islam’s teachings ( tabligh ) to the surrounding Deccan areas.

The mausoleum‘s service provider continues to be the family as the guardians. This holy ground is known for its ability to fulfill one’s deepest desires and wishes throughout history. It was founded many years ago by a religious Muslim.

His tomb at Hyderabad is well-known for its ability to fulfill all the desires and wishes of those who visit it. It is only temporary, and the earth can only be lived because Allah made it. This was the saddest day when a pious person died with these qualities.

  • Knowledge and a mystic approach to living.
  • Truth and reality.

Hazrat Fareeduddin Sharia Soharwardi Shrine can be found near Baba Saheb dargha, also known as pahadi shareef shamshabad mandal.

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