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 Syed shah shorabuddin aulia shamsheer Chisti Razvi Rh (langar houz)

shorabuddin aulia
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Hazrat shorabuddin aulia was born in Hyderabad. Hazrat’s father’s name is Hazrat Syed shah Ali Chisti. Hazrat has caliph khilafat from Hazrat Syed Meran Ji Hussain Khuda Numa RH.

Hazrat lineage traced back to sadath Razvi Hazrat Hashim bin syedna imam Ali Musa Raza Alayhi salam.
Hazrat shorabuddin aulia (may Allah have mercy on him) passed away in 1087 AH.
On the way to Tabuk from his mausoleum Mubarak Langar House on the right side of Astana, he was present at his shorabuddin aulia Chishti written like this Hazrat Syed Ali bin Syed Hashim Raza who is one of Rizvi Sadat He trained you.
When your father and grandfather died in your childhood, you did not speak and to meet the highest blessing. So, you should attend the service of Miran Hussain Khuda Nama (may Allah have mercy on him) and enjoy him.
Only the eyes keep you awake at night. Sadat Rizvi visited Hyderabad Deccan in the reign of Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah. There was also a mosque built under Bala Hissar within Golkonda Fort.
He sold you in this mosque. Ikram has come here. He has come from one place or another. This is a special favor of Allah, the Blessed and Exalted. So guide them into the good behaviors and avoid displaying some profane ones.
This often happened without reckoning, and Hazrat Kamal was of the highest rank in all respects.
He was also well-known in all them, i.e. despite holding a high place in the heart Hazrat Shah Shorabuddin’s aulia was also renowned. Sahib Mehboob e-Dil had not written that he was only 39 years old . He died in 1087 AH, where he fell in love with Golkonda.
You forced to become famous near the confluence, your holy shrine visited, and blessings obtained. You also saw the time of Tanashah, i.e., from Abdullah Qutb Shah till the time of Isha, you appeared. But, how is the love and devotion towards your Shaykh? Piran offered a gift in the service of his mother. A man said to Hazrat that the dress and Joban Hai Tehseen were gorgeous.
People of great virtue wear Hazrat clothes in their original style in a unique manner.
He presented a gift in Sheikh Mohtarma’s service to his wife and then stated that Sheikh Mohtarma would bless us if we offered clothing in the Iranian mother’s service.
What history siege has taught us passion, passion, and love for our benefactors? This is the glory and honor of the saints. These are our forefathers, scholars, and teachers who never feel the need to anyone, but make vows and vows.
It was not his custom to accept or convey his needs to the people. So how did she serve her husband as her teacher? A famous Arabic says that larawal lartdaa wala tada ‘means to extend one’s hand in front of someone for one’s need and someone should offer it. This is the Sunah of the Prophet of Allah. Dear Sir, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) never refuses the gifts.
It presents that the Companions offer in his service, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) never asked people for anything for his own sake. The Lord of the universe is the giver of the whole universe. I am not Iqbal, but the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to borrow from people for the sake of others.
Hazrat Shah Turab-ul Haq Allah has already stated that if your newspaper mentions that Malik Malik Ambar was the eunuch or performed any function, it will printed in your newspaper. at the court of the King. Etc.
God works in the service of Hazrat Syed Shah Turab Din Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh to be your disciple whether he wants to punished or not to punished Hazrat Salahuddin (may Allah have mercy on him) accepted it and said that he had entered it in his intention. Was He was a eunuch of the court and suffering from sins. Such a person afflicted after Hazrat Alam.
He comforts the heart by saying that if one repents from the forbidden deeds, then he is not talked to, he is not ridiculed, and this is also the style of Shari’ah, and this is the way of religion. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade him when he repented of his sins and did not remember him from his old sins or evil deeds.
After listening to the grains of the Hazrat people, Hazrat Miranji, who came to the service of her husband, began to plead with God (may God have mercy on him) that the Hazrat people should make fun of me. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whether he is a man or not, he is not a eunuch. He is a man. Allaah has made him a man. It is the male disciple of Allah who created the government.
He saw this effect in the eyes of the guardian and saw the changing destiny of thousands. He completes it. It is the glory of Allah’s loved ones. So, Hazrat Miranji Hussain did not remain God, but when he said this, it was the name of eunuch Malik Omar.
The marriage of Hazrat Shorabuddin Aulia and Syed Abdullah was also performed.
We can admire the haraam, visit the graves ancient shrines and find three Malik Amir names. One is Malik Maro, which is in Hyderabad, and the other is Malik Numar, which is from the Qutub Shahi period and not Nizam. There were royal times today.
They were almost in Maharaja’s area, Aurangabad, Khaldabad, etc. What were their spice and country? The star of Dargah Dargah interpreted by the name of Malik Majra Imran Khan. The highest position given is the number of the country by whose name there are two places in Hyderabad. One age area known all over the country, and siddiamber Bazaar is also known by its name.
They settled these areas. Koo and Ali also have their Astana shrine in their belly inside it. Malik Amber is also known as Omar area because Rania Malik Umar is a disciple of Hazrat Syed Shah Shorabuddin Aulia (may Allah have mercy on him).
It written that Hazrat I won’t take the name, because people don’t understand the word and there is no suspicion. So what happens ?
According to the Patient, if we hear anything about disciples, we should not suspect the elders.
A person who does terrible deeds is terrible. It is not the habit of the wise to be ignorant, foolish, foolish, foolish. The words of Miran are the elders of one of my elder brothers. Whatever happens, a branch of watermelon offered in your service. Realizing what you have said, you eat it. And for two or three hours, it was your guardianship that you insisted on Zahra. Still, this kind of nonsense is the same as your saying about Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (May Allah pleased with him) Hazrat Shaykh-ul-Islam Bani Jamia Nizamia Imam Anwarullah Farooqi (may Allah have mercy on him) narrates. This incident is well known in many history books.
The people in the crowd acknowledged your strength and power, but when they came to the royal court, the king asked Your religion is true.
If you haven’t talked about it, then there was poison, and he drank the poison and said that I am drinking Bismillah, and I am sure that he is right.
My heart is sincere, so such a poison destroys man and kills him. After seeing the scene, many people there converted to Islam.
There is a tradition that the king also became a Muslim. Do not give for Hazrat Shorabuddin (may Allah have mercy on him), but you ate watermelon. Still, the poison did not affect you but stayed behind you for two hours.
It will decrease its capacity. Then you asked the dervishes. He replied that the poison’s impact reduced. Syedna Syed Nairuddin Syedna Syedna Chishti is Mubarak Shamshir Shamshir al-Haidari.
This issue’s title is Mubarak Sharif engaging in dhikr. In the middle of meditation, an electric lightning struck your dome. It must have broken the dome. Then it entered the dome and fell onto your feet.
You in which all parts burned, the poppy will separate from the body of a warrior. That is, the skin that separated from you by the electric heat that affected the entire body.
So for a while, Perfect health will not achieved after a long period of health. The pain in your soles of the feet was not gone. This is because you had to continue to sprain them to get the Sunnah of Prophet or How the Almighty Gives. . Hence, your work was to wear socks, and Baji used to say some strict restrictions like this.
He used to recite fresh ghazals for every prayer. You would have endured the ordeal and used Sunnah prayers of Allaah (peace and blessings be upon him) to avoid the cold.
We must have learned this lesson from the Shari’ah that the righteous servants of Allah come into the world to protect the religion. The one who walks is worldly, and he gets riches, honor, position.
They are mujahids. They come to high classes; sophisticated people get benefits in the world. Allah’s people get pleasure in religion. That is why they followed Hazrat Shorabuddin aulia (may Allah have mercy on him). They used to say such restrictions of Sunnah. So do not leave your prayers despite the hardships. I am in Hyderabad.
The Sufi teaches, by his examples, that to the shrine, one must sacrifice oneself. Thus, no one can help others without any sacrifice for himself.
Thus the protection of the Sufi is the strongest armory in a person’s life because of the extent to which a Sufi can go to protect his followers.
Hazrat shorabuddin aulia left this universe in the Islamic month rabi ul awaal.
Annual Urs of shorabuddin aulia celebrated every year as per the tradition.
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