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 Hazrat Abdul Wahab Quadri

Abdul Wahab Quadri
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In Hyderabad, India, Hazrat Abdul Wahab Quadri is revered for his role as a religious leader. He was born in Gujrat (India) and belonged the Quadri Chisti Sufi Order. His lineage can be traced back to Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani who is a well-known Sufi saint. At the request of Asif Jah I, he migrated to Hyderabad.

History is not only about royalty and famous figures, but also the role of religion’s elders.

It is because of their presence that Allah’s inexhaustible favors continue to be shower upon the city.

Allah’s saints, in a world where spirituality is difficult to attain, are the best evidence that Truth is not hidden or distant.

They are a reminder that it is possible to be generous, rich, and humble. They are almost always present in our world, but they live in theirs. They are able to get things done with the smallest resources, yet they give everything they have. Even in the darkest times, they bring joy and light.

Since the beginning of time, saints from all religions and religious sects are present in society.

These holy men of God are what we can attribute this world’s blessings and favors.

People don’t follow any religion; they follow saints. Not only is veneration of saints a long-standing tradition in Islam but also across other faiths, such as Christianity and Hinduism. Modern society doesn’t require religious leaders to be present. A community’s lack of religious leaders doesn’t necessarily mean that it is no longer spiritual.

People think of this family as a class, dedicated to spreading Islam’s teachings. The Quadri family, which is a descendant of Hazrat Ghouse Azzam, has worked tirelessly to spread Islam and continues to do so.

Elders of the Quadri family have been giving lectures on Islamic ethics for many years and donating money in aid to the less fortunate families around the region. They not only work hard to spread Islam’s message, but also share an unbreakable bond.

Many see him as the natural successor to Ghouse Azam’s legacy because of his thoughtful words and appearance.

Without a mentor, a disciple’s path is likely to be difficult. To learn from their past and get personal guidance, they must make contact with a master of the past. Teachings will be useless without this connection.

If you plan to study with a traditional Muslim Sheik, it is important that you are aware of the truth that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), said, “He isn’t one of us who doesn’t have humility over him and respect others.” These core beliefs are essential for any student of Islam to be successful.

You’re also wasting your time and your teacher’s time if there is no connection. They are too valuable to be absorbed; they should become part you. Through their guidance and instruction, a great teacher can help you build a relationship with God.

Many disciples have been deeply attached to their masters throughout the history of Sufism. Their closeness to the shaikh has strengthened and filled their hearts with Allah’s love. Some people believe that a disciple cannot be successful if he doesn’t have a strong relationship to his shaikh. It’s precisely this relationship that lights up the heart and prepares it to receive guidance. Discipleship doesn’t mean learning tasawwuf through books. It’s about the knowledge you gain from being in close contact to a master whom you love and admire.

So much stronger right?

It is absurd to think that discipleship can be done in a vacuum. The discipline of self-inquiry will fail if a person does not have a mentor or teacher to help them. It’s almost as if you try to write but don’t know how to spell. You may be able to get away with it for a while but your deficiencies will soon become obvious. A teacher is needed to heal the student, and students are necessary for him to retain his scholarship.

Hazrat Abdul Wahab Quadri left this world in the month Zil hajj. The Hazrat shrine can be found near Syed Ali guda in a mosque.

Hazrat Abdul wahab Quadri named Hazrat Siyed Abdullah Rizvi Madani his successor.

Every year, annual urs of Hazrat Abul Wahab Quadri (Hazrat Abdul Wahab) are celebrated.

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