Hazrat Abdul Kareem Rifai Faith Miracle 4 (Begum Bazar)

 Hazrat Abdul Kareem Rifai (Begum Bazar)

Abdul Kareem Rifai
by quadeer

Hazrat Abdul Kareem rifai, a Basra Iraqi founder of rifai silsila, was born. He traveled from Basra through Madina Shareef to India and then to Deccan where he settled in the Begum Bazar region. Hazrat was the child, disciple and caliph to Hazrat Syed Ahmed Kabir.

A Spiritual Master’s love for his devotees is a little like a mother’s love for her child. He will accept anyone who gives his all. The spiritual master will take care of all his problems, big and small. Spiritual masters are true to their word and can deliver on any promise they make, even after they leave their bodies.

Rifai, a prominent Sufi order of Sunni Islam, was founded by Ahmed ar–Rifai in the Lower Iraq marshlands. It is located between Wasit (Basra) and Wasit (Basra). Rifai enjoyed a remarkable following up until the Qadiri orders overtook them in the 15th century. It is believed that the hierarchy had a special influence on Cairo, Egypt.

Dhikr of Rifai Brotherhood

The Rifai Order is found in South Asia, Turkey, the Balkans and the Arab Middle East.

Rifai Ratib was a state of elevated status where Rifai believers were known to have eaten live serpents, been in ovens with fire and rode on lions. A few others also reported that their followers had practiced charm snakes and inserted iron spikes or glass into their bodies.

It is not clear whether Hazrat Ahmad Rifai established the practices that helped to cement the Rifai order’s huge popularity. Some scholars attribute these practices to al Rifai. Others claim that he did not know about them and brought them in after the Mongol invasion.

Hazrat Abdul kareem Rifai died in this universe during the month of Rabi ul Awwal.

The shrine of Hazrat Abdul Kareem Rifai is located at Begum Bazar, near the fish market.

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