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Sirajuddin Junaid Baghdadi

On the west side of the Shah market, his tomb is located. Its shape and the gate which is in this style are popular with the two minarts built by Sultan Adil Shah. At the entrance to the tomb, there was a way of writing. From there, the date of his death is known as 781 Hijri., his age is known as 111 years. It belongs to the descendants of Hadrat sirajuddin Junaid of Baghdad. And his genealogy is related to Abd Manaf who is from the family of the last prophet of Allah. His mother’s name is Bibi Mastura and she is the daughter of Abdalla Qashiri of Peshawar.

Hadrats father, Abdul Muzaffar Sirajuddin went to Peshawar from Baghdad. Abdallah, the king’s son, met him. He married his cousin there. Four sons were born to him. His real name is Rukunuddin. But he became famous and his surname well and he was born in the year 670 Hijri. His father died when he was young. He was raised by his uncle, the king of Peshawar.

sirajuddin junaid
Hazrat sirajuddin junaid

And when he became an elder when he reached Doulatabd in the year 707 Hijri he was looking for his spiritual master. He became a disciple of Hadrat Khundmir Alauddin and received the caliphate from him and moved from Doulatabad to Delhi.

His spiritual master was a righteous Qutub (highest cadre) of his time. And who is a disciple of Hadrat Qawamuddin Mahmood. In the way of mysticism, he was the lawyer of his time. In the Deccan three caliphs came and he was one of them. He died on 28 Shaban Friday in 734 Hijri and was buried in Doulatabad.

There is another tradition that his coffin was taken away in Delhi by his son. In Delhi Ghiasuddin Tuqlaq who is his biggest  fan there. But in everything he did according to His guidance and His commandments. That did not please his courtiers and leaders. But they wanted to ignore him and Pratap Rudra who defeated the royal army in the Deccan region. So, for this reason, the royal army was sent there under Prince Alaq Khan.

He also joined the army for the pleasure of his feet, who represented the army. And thanks to the grace of the royal army of Allah, the Deccan expedition was successful. But there was a difference in the sultan and he began to think that when he had such authority, he was defeated by the Raja of Warangal so that he could rule from his side. But it is difficult in this case that all people are under his rule, so the king cannot remove him from the kingdom.

So there was a trick by his minister who asked him to go to the court with his veil on his face because there would be a queen in front of him there. So he said that if there is such a case, he will not come there. So he left there with the intention of going to Doulatabad.  

Meanwhile, his elder brother Arsalan died in Lucknow on 17 Ramadan 723 Hijri. And his younger brother Sheikh Ahmed Salahuddin went to Bengal region for his teaching and preaching the mosque there. And after six years, he died there on 9 Rajab of the year 729 Hijri. His younger brother lives in Sheikh Tajuddin.

After living for a few years in Doultabad, he was asked to go to the Deccan region. He reached the town of Kudchi on the river bank. And while he was walking, he was reached in Bijapur. And where his mother died on 12 Shaban in 720 Hijri. He was buried in the house of the messenger Abul Hasan.

Then he came to the village of Kudchi on the banks of the river Krishna. And from this village, there is a deep forest of tamarind trees two kilometers away from where he lived. Kudchi is a village of Brahmins and there is a big Hindu temple there. And from this small town, the neighboring towns of Rajapur, Chakuri, Kotli, and these towns in this region because of his revelations and miracles, there has been a great progress of the Islamic mission there. As a result, idolatry was stopped in this area because of this.

He wakes up at three o’clock in the night and takes a bath and reads, remembers Allah, and other things, and prays the supererogatory Tahjud. And after the morning prayer, it should be used to engage in forgiveness and revelation. At that time, the mother of Sultan Hasan Gangu and whose name was Ashraf Jehan and people called Ma Sahiba and who came to the village of Sargur and who was near the village of Kudchi when he was leaving his village because of the turmoil of his secret. in the palace. When he heard Hadrat’s name and fame, he went to visit him with his son Alauddin and his daughter-in-law and two women in the village of Kudchi before him. They all became his followers there. Among his servants, his two brothers are called Mohamed Qasan and Mohammed Lagri.

 But someone from the city of Peshawar came with him. He loved them so much that he accepted his caliphate, and they were in a terrible condition. One day, the village Patwari Gangu Pandit came to his message with the famous people from the village and told him that “According to the predictions of astrology, it is known that there will never be water. So, for this reason, you pray for rain in the city. So that there will be no famine.

If there is no Qasan house so it rains where will they go.? So first arrange the construction of houses for their stay in Qasan and mosques so that water falls by the grace of Allah. When there was such talk, a crowd of people flocked to the place, and soon Gangoji started building houses and mosques in the town.

In the book Tadhkira Maluk, Hadrat is said to have told Gango Ji that Yes, you are a mosque builder, but what Hindus know. and the construction of mosques. So take Alauddin, who is a poor man, and he will help you a lot in this matter. Gangoji immediately made him a slave and started feeding him twice, he was given a salary. First, the building was completed and as soon as Moulana Khasan entered the house, it started raining. Starvation was also stopped in the village. Alauddin was working on the construction of the mosque, and he was there watching the work. He worked hard and worked day and night in these endeavors.

One day at two o’clock in the afternoon, Hazrat sirajuddin junaid himself came to the site to check the construction work of the mosque. At that time, all the workers will have lunch after they have eaten. But Alauddin was resting under the tree because he was going to get bread after 2:30 pm. So he rested and slept under the tree without help.

Hazrat sirajuddin junaid inspected the construction work of the mosque, and saw Alauddin sleeping in a horrible position and using clay on his hands and feet. Therefore, he said to him that Oh, King of the Deccan why are you sleeping in a helpless state. Look how the king’s parasol fits his head. With that said, he was allowed to leave the place. But there and this Alauddin ignores the words of Hazrat. After they went to Hadrat, he was standing there covering his face and Alauddin’s face was lying there.

Children while playing reached there, they saw a snake there and started making noise and crying and went to the patwari and informed him that Alauddin was killed by a snake. So, because of this, the village Patwari went there in a state of anxiety.

He saw that the snake was flying there, saw it, and the snake stayed in its grave. Hindus believe that snakes are gods. So he was surprised by this. He was waking up Alauddin, we took him to his house and fed him there. Then he checked his horoscope and realized that Alauddin would be the Sultan of Deccan. So, for this reason, he entered the presence of Alauddin and stood before him crossing his hands in respect and reverence.

 So Alauddin was concerned that that is why his master is standing in this position in front of him. So the Brahman told him that Soon you will become the Sultan of the Deccan, so what will he give him. But there was no such thought in Alauddin about him, not even in his dreams. But when his master was firm on this matter, he said to him, “If the matter is like this, you will be the ruler in my name, and I will be your subordinate as it was before. Brahman told him that There is no such thing in his destiny. He who writes such a destiny will act according to its writing. So Alauddin said to him, I will give you one way four or half of the kingdom. But the Pandit told him “what to do with his kingdom”.

So Alauddin told him that whatever you say, I will accept such things. Pandit asked him to accept two things in this matter.

1. To put my name and your name on the royal seal as it will go down in history forever.

2. Order that the royal office be kept in the hands of my sons.

Alauddin  gladly accepted these things. In the history of Farista, it is said that “Alauddin was a servant of Brahmin. And who himself was servant of Sultan Mohammed Tughlaq. And who got the kingdom of Deccan through the prayers of Hadrat  Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi. But in another book Tadkhira Mulk this event is mentioned in another way.

But the correct course of action in this case is not yet known. But it is true that Aladdin’s mother, Ashraf Jehan, was a disciple of Hazrat. He settled in Hazrat’s place. He also died in the town of Kudchi and his grave is there.

It is said that one day Hazrat was taking a bath, then performed Masah (wiping the head called “Masah”) and gave Alauddin his cloth to cling to at that time, but Alauddin. believe that Hazrat gave him his robe which he put on his head and touched his feet with respect and reverence. One day, Alauddin mentioned his bad situation and difficulties in front of Hadrat sirajuddin junaid, so he said to him “Yes, go to the forest of Turgund and go there in such a tree and the one under the wealth and took it.

 In this wealth the army is gathered and when the army is ready and when it is ordered to fight the first battle of Mirj. There was a celebration of the holy feast and Raja Tena was busy at that time and the happiness and social life of the people was enjoying in his court. So, because of this, Alauddin was reached without any hindrance in the shelter. He then killed the Raja and captured the fort of Mirj.

He then informed him about this matter to Hazrat sirajuddin junaid who in response sent Alauddin his message of thanks (Mubarakbad). Then, Alauddin changed the place of Mirj as Mubarakabad. From there he went to Penalgada and conquered its fortress. And there, Raja Kalhar Chand reigned supreme. Thus, Alauddin conquered some towers and entered Hazrat’s presence. So he was instructed to conquer the fort of Gulbarga. But at that time, the Raja of Bhiran was the ruler of Gulbarga and a subordinate of Sultan Mohammed Tuqhlaq.

 There is a temple in Sawangi village which is 8 km from Gulbarga and Raja used to go there to visit the temple. As was Aladdin’s good fortune, he was immediately brought into the fortress without any battle or obstacle. Hearing this news, the Raja came there and after a fierce battle, the Raja was killed and his head hung on the gate of the wall.

In the year 748 AH Alauddin sat on his throne. But he changed his name from Gulbarga to Mari. But according to his promise, he made a name for himself like these. Hazrat  Alauddin Hasan Gangu Bahmani. Until his lifetime, Sultan went to Kudchi every year. He also gets the pleasure of kissing Hazrat’s feet there. When he died, his son Mohammed Shah, who and goes to Kudchi according to his father’s order and Kudchi is far from Gulbarga to seven places.

One day he told him that “Since you love me so much for seeing me and coming to visit me here, there will be great difficulties for people because of your visit. So, for this reason, I will come to see you in Gulbarga on a royal tour but it is not good to trouble people for one visit.

When the king heard this good news, he could not control his mood and declared all the villages between Gulbarga and Kudchi as his presence in the service of Hadrat sirajuddin junadi. He said that it was disrespectful for him to have these villages in his kingdom.

Hadrat told him that “If I take the whole country, then he will become rich then someone will call him as a fakir. And my children will be greedy for wealth because of this. The Sultan gave it to him a second time, but he did not accept these cities in his name.

When Hadrat sirajuddin junaid saw that the Sultan was sad, so he said to him: Yes, give me the city of Kudchi in my name. So the sultan was happy to hear Hadrat’s acceptance and gave him the town of Kudchi and seven neighboring towns. The Sultan prepared a document like the following.

“All the cities of the kingdom belong to Hazrat Maqdum Rukunuddin Junaidi . And that he paid me by keeping Kudchi village with him. Therefore, because of this, Kudchi city name documents are always found by his sons there.

Hazrat while making his successor, his eldest son Sheikh Alauddin and Kudchi came to Gulbarga with his younger son Qutubuddin in 770 Hijri. By the river where his seat is. After one Kose from the village, there is a tamarind tree and here his grave was built there. He became as famous and famous as Hadrat Sirajuddin junaid.


People from all walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, gather to celebrate the Urs of hazrat sirajuddin junaid(day of death) which is held every year at the famous temple (Dargah) of Kudchi. Hundreds of thousands of faithful people from near and far, regardless of religion and values, gather there to seek blessings.

When he reached Gulbarga, the Sultan asked him whether he should stay inside the wall or outside the wall. He told him that Wait, I will look for my place myself. Where is his grave now and where is the acacia tree. He said that from here he found the head of Baghdad. So he will be there. Once the trees were cleared and a small house was built. The Sultan paid to visit him in the morning. After the death of Mohammed Shah, Mujahid Shah became the third Sultan of the Bahmani Empire.

 He came before him before he sat on the throne. So he gave him a Khadi fakir (Indian wool) and a belt and put a cloth on his head. He prayed to Allah for him. Mujahid Shah left there and came to his palace wearing a beautiful robe and sitting on the throne.

After that, when the new king will go for the first time before Hadrat, he will wear a Khadi robe and take a belt with a belt and wear a cloth and receive his blessings or from his children, then he will sit on his throne. palace. When the Nizam of Hyderabad was on his way to Gulbarga, he was given a fakir robe which he wore there.

It is said that Sultan Mujahid Shah requested his permission to conquer Adhoni Fort. Then he was told to go in the name of Allah and there will be success in this battle. Then, when Sultan Mujahid Shah came before Hadrat Zainuddin and Hadrat Burhanuddin Dulatabadi, he was also asked for permission to attack the stronghold of Adhoni.

When he received this information, he sent his letter before Sultan Mujahid Shah that if he goes with his authority, there will be success if you go with the trust of the people again, it will not be that he does not need his authority and campaign.

His handwriting surprised the sultan and he did not like it. And he said: “Yes, he is well known. I sent many of my soldiers there. I will also go there in the countryside. I will see if this campaign will be successful. Mujahid Shah thus campaigned the siege of the fort for several months.

The kitchen of the building is complete. Because of the heat, there is a shortage of water in the reserve. But there was the grace of Allah and the prayers of the Sheikh sirajuddin junaid there so that there was a lot of rain. The life in the hearts of the dead and the people of the shelter came out of the fort and Mujahid Shah’s army attacked them heavily. Therefore, because of this he was defeated there.

Sultan Mujahid thought in this matter that it was the curse of the fakir. So in anger he said that “when he reaches Gulbarga he will kill the fakir immediately.” So, by the time he came to Gulbarga, unless and until he did this work, he would not set foot on the wall. When this news reached Hadrat, he was told that he will not reach Gulbarga.

So, the same thing happened to him. When the sultan returned from Adhoni, he wanted to enter the city, and his horse fell from the horse, and his head fell on him, and he died instantly. In the book ‘Tadhkira Al-Mulk’ it is mentioned about Mujahid Shah that when he reached Gulbarga then, he was killed by a gypsy slave there in 779 Hijri.

After a few days, he asked his servants to bring him rice and corn. It is cooked with rice and split pulses. He put the rice and beans in two full trays. And put eleven paise on a good rosary.

Then his grandson Abul Fazal who succeeded him was told that the day of his death was near. And after about 22 years, Hadrat Khaja BandeNawaz Gesudaraz will come Gulbarga of Delhi and who arrived in the year 804 Hijra during the reign of Sultan Feroz Shah Bahmani and who was Caliph Hadrat Nasiruddin Chiragh Delhi. Hazrat Khaja Band Nawaz Gesu Daraz 804-825 Hijri. Everyone is well aware of KhajaBande Nawaz GesuDraz and his position and all his honor of Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaid Baghdadi because he got such a good position and honor in this matter.

Hazrat Naseeruddin Chiragh Dehalavi who is the spiritual leader of Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz GesuDaraz and who instructed him and told him “You will meet the great Sufi personality Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaid Baghdadi and who is in Gulbarga and seek his prayers.”

According to the spiritual master Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz Gesudaraz told him in Delhi on his visit to Gulbarga on November 11, 1398 AD He went from Delhi to Doulatabad with his family and relatives and at that time Khaja Sahib was 80 years old and from Bahdurpur, Gwalior, Bahandir. , Chanderi, Baroda, Sultanpur, Khambait, Khaja Sahib and his family joined in Doulatabad. During the long journey of several days to the surface, thousands of his slaves saluted and saluted him as he made his way to the ancient Indian city above.

According to historical records, it is clear that Khaja Sahib was advised to his followers for his final resting place in Doulatabad near his father’s tomb, but at the invitation of Sultan Feroze Shah Bahmani invited to visit the country from Gulbarga, Khaja Sahib left Doulatabad. and reached the town of Gubarga.

In 1400 AD, he came to the land of Gulbarga. hazrat sirajuddin junaid shrine is located on the western side of Gulbarga Fort where he spent some time there, but because of his differences with the sultan, he left the place and went to the present place where he is, to find his grave.

When Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz Gesudaraz reached Gulbarga he came to know that Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaid Baghdadi had already died at that time. So, because of this, he was in great sadness. He visited his grandson called Hazrat Maqdum Awais, who was blind at that time.

So Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz  GesuDaraz and who put his hand in his eyes. So, because of that, he started seeing again at that time. Then he saw Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz Gesudaraz and asked him are you Hazrat KhwajaBande Nawaz GesuDaraz? and then told him yes, he is Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz Gesudaraz. Yes, my grandfather who told me well Oh Awais after 40 years of my death Hazrat Khajabanda Nawaz Gesudaraz who will come to visit me but then at that time I will not live anymore.

But I kept him Khichdi in such a place that he did to him”. When Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz GesuDaraz approached the window which is behind the head in the grave of Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaid Baghdadi and at that time the window lock was automatically opened there, Khichdi was found in a good condition and was Good thing there is.

The release of steam from food and as it has been for 40 years in a hot state and the atmosphere of the steam from it. So Hazrat KhajaBande Nawaz Gesudaraz who collected the Khichdi and sat there. After eating Khichdi, there was a dignity and status that became world famous for Hazrat Khajabande Nawaz  Gesudaraz because of the kindness of Hazrat Sirajuddin Junaid.

 Urs of hazrat sirajuddin junaid (death anniversary)

People from all walks of life regardless of caste and creed gather to celebrate the Urs (day of death) which takes place in the famous shrine every year on the 14th, 15th and 16th months of Shawwal. Hundreds of thousands of faithful people from near and far, regardless of religion and values, gather there to seek blessings.

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