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Mir Syed Abdul Wahid Bilgrami

Abdul wahid bilgrami
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Hazrat abdul wahid bilgrami  born in 915 Hijri, your name was Mir Syed Abdul Wahid.
Your lineage comes from a noble family. You are from the descendants of Imam Zaid Shaheed Raziallahu Taala Anhu, the prince of Imam Zainul Abedin Raziallahu Taala Anhu. That’s why you are also called Zaidi / Hussaini Syed.
your training
hazrat abdul wahid bilgrami Rahmatullah Alaih, received your initial education at your home and got engaged in the preaching of religion and set out on the path of Tasawwuf. You liked Tasawwuf since childhood and your family has always been blessed with knowledge and It has been a transparent mirror of spirituality, the special grace of Allah Rabbul Izzat has been on this family that every time one or the other gem has been found from this family, through which marriage and spirituality can flourish. Your glory is very unique, your place is very high. 
Bilgrami is attached to your name and because you live in Bilgram, Bilgrami is attached to your name. Now to know the greatness of Bilgram Sharif, it is necessary to know that Ala Hazrat Azimul Barkat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Fazile Barelvi Rahmatullah Alaih ke Piro – Murshid and his Peer Khana Amjad, the grandfather of Saadat of Mahrera Sharif, had gone from Bilgram Sharif, even today your family members live in Mahrera Sharif and Masauli Sharif, that is, all the Zaidis in Saadat Hind’s UP, their original Bilgram Sharif Those who have fat, Bilgram Makhdoom Syed Mohammad Sugara Rahmatullah Alaih is the JD of all Syeds. You are the pride and glory of Rahmatullah Alaih.
It is amazing that you were an admirer of piety and piety. You were the Imam of Shariat and Tariqat of your time. Your relationship and your love for the Prophet
Your love and relation towards Rahmatullah Alaih, your Jeddah Ala Tajdare Madina Syedul Ambiya Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam can be gauged from the fact that once Maulana Azad Bilgrami Alaihira Rahma was staying in Delhi, there he met him Silsila-e-Chishtiya. There was a long talk between the two elders, then Maulana Azad Bilgrami, when Maulana Azad Bilgrami, started the Tazkira of Rahmatullah Alaih. Sheikh Kalimullah Chishti praised him a lot and said that once I had a dream that I was in Madina Sharif. I am in the court of my beloved Aka Alaihissalam. It was a punishment. I saw that Aka Alaihis Salaam was smiling and talking to someone. I thought who would be so lucky to receive the compassion and love from the Crown Prince of the World? 
In the meantime there was an old man with me, he said that he is none other than Mir Syed Abdul Wahid Bilgrami Rahmatullah Alaihi Allahu Akbar.
scared to death
Once a person appeared in your bargah and he said that I am very afraid of death, tell me such a wazaif that the fear of death can go away. Pay Nafil also, he did the same. After a few days, that person appeared in your bargah, then you asked what happened, how is your condition now? I feel like all the time, but why and how did this happen–? What magic did you do?
hazrat Abdul wahid bilgrami Rahmatullah Alaihi said that when a person builds his house to live somewhere, he starts feeling like going there and ever since you started giving charity, your house has been built in heaven, that’s why now you
Don’t be afraid of dying because now you have a place to live after death.
Shaba Sanabil Sharif
Shaba Sanabil Sharif is a very important book of yours which is also known for your fame. Your glory and honor are very unique. The great Hazrat Azimul Barakat Alaihiramah has described your glory in 2 pages in his book Fatawa Rizwia. From which your glory can be estimated, we, the people of Tasawwuf, will continue to take your name respectfully till the Doomsday, even today your happy family is married and settled and this trend will continue till the Doomsday.
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