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Hazrat Jalaluddin ManikPuri

jalaluddin manikpuri
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Hazrat Jalaluddin manikpuri was the grandson of Sheikh Hussamuddin Manakpuri, a great scholar, abiding, patient and pious elder. It is known that after offering the Isha prayer, you used to rest until the time when people are usually awake, when people went to sleep, you would stand up and pray until the Fajr prayer, you read Surah Yasin forty-one times a day. He used to do and after the Chasht prayer used to teach the people about Sharia issues and his livelihood was writing, he would write the Holy Quran and send it to Delhi with a gift of five rupees, and he would never touch the pen without it. In the days when thieves and robbers would visit the city, you would give up eating meat for fear that the animal might be stolen. They used to say, they used to live like rich people and used to visit kings.
It is narrated that once Sheikh Muhammad (may Allah have mercy on him) visited Manakpur, the Qazi of the city and his sons came to meet him and these people made a plan in their hearts that if Sheikh Muhammad (may Allah have mercy on him) sent us an Egyptian. If we give them, we will recognize them as the masters of knowledge and dignity, so Sheikh Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, said to Maulana Jalaluddin manikpuri that some people are coming to take our test, bring some Egyptians. Those who were present were ashamed in their hearts, after that the Qazi invited Sheikh Muhammad to visit my house. ate That’s why your invitation is not accepted) When he realized that the Qazi Sahib was upset with this, he immediately asked if there is any salary fixed for your son by the Department of Justice. Qazi Sahib replied that no, then he said that if this boy arranges food from his own property, then we will definitely eat food.
Annual Urs of Hazrat Jalaluddin manikpuri is celebrated every year.
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