Hazrat tajuddin baba Powerful Master 1 (Nagpur)

Hazrat tajuddin baba (Nagpur)

tajuddin baba
by quadeer

Syed na Tajuddin baba was born on 21 January 1861 on 15th Rajab 1279 AH in Mati Ho near Nagpur, he is settled fifteen kilometers from Junagpur. During those days, there used to be an English army camp in the mud. Your father, Syed Badruddin, was in the army. Babies are usually born crying at the time of birth, but Baba remained silent even after birth. The women there thought that the child was stillborn. So various tricks were made to make them cry. His forehead and thighs were scarred, then you cried a little and then became silent. These scars remained prominent on your blessed body till the end. Ancestry: You are related to Syed Na Imam Hasan Askari.

Hazrat Imam Hasan Askari’s grandson Syed Abdullah came from Arabia and settled in Madras (now China) and his descendants spread in Madras and its surroundings. Hazrat Baba Tajuddin’s ancestors settled in Kolar. 

This area is called Lar Sharif because of his family. In this family, many elders became saints. Your father is a senior citizen by profession
They settled in the soil. Your mother, Majda Karim B. Sahiba, was the daughter of the Subedar of Madrasi Platen, Shaykh Lashgi Sahib. It is known that your mother, Majda, did not cry at the time of birth, so she was thought to be dead and was put on the pyre. That is why he was called Ghoran B.
Hazrat Baba’s Childhood: Hazrat Tajuddin baba was deprived of the shadow of his parents in his childhood. He was one year old when his father died and then at the age of nine he lost the shadow of his mother Majda. You were brought up by your maternal grandmother. This is the reason why some people call you Sheikh Siddiqui because your maternal grandfather Sheikh Meeran Sahib was Sheikh Siddiqui. Education of Hazrat Baba Sahib: His early education was at Mati Ke Madrasah. He studied Urdu, Arabic, Persian and English till the age of fifteen. One day during his student days, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahib, a famous Sufi saint of the community, visited the Madrasah. He taught Hazrat Baba Sahib. He saw and said to Maulana, “So what is he teaching him? He has been reading everything since eternity.”
This incident changed the direction of Hazrat Baba Sahib’s life. Maulana was familiar with Hazrat Shah Sahib and knew him as Sahib Kashf. Shah Sahib slowly came to  tajuddin Baba Sahib. He took out a chavara from his cradle. He ate half himself and gave half to Baba Sahib. They unhesitatingly devoured your falsehood. Then Shah Sahib taught him to eat less, talk less, and recite the Holy Qur’an as the Holy Prophet himself used to do. Tears flowed from the eyes. This was the case for three days. The blood flowed and the impermanence and impermanence of the world began to be felt. After that you stopped playing and jumping like other children. Became reclusive and spent most of his time reading and thinking. The words of Arabic, Persian poets and Sufis were studied. Poems of Maulana Rum and Hafiz Shirazi often remained on the tongue. In this way, with great sincerity, you engaged in reading and acquiring external knowledge. He was not only studying the textbooks but also learning a lot outside. You were reading the lesson of raw humanity with an open heart and mind. He did not differentiate between Hindu and Muslim. Hindus: Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Parsis, Dalits were equal in their eyes. In the true sense, he is the preacher and amen of humanity
were and came to this earth to teach the lesson of humanity. Youth: In 1879, due to the rise of water in the Kinahan river, there was a flood in the soil and almost half of the population came under the threat of destruction. Many houses were washed away. Baba Sahib’s grandfather’s house was also in it. That’s why his uncle Abdul Rahman Sahib had to get a job. Baba Sahib was 18 years old at that time. His maternal uncle advised him to join the army, but his grandmother’s love came in and he stopped going to the army. For two years he stayed away from further employment, but in 1881, when he was 20 years old, he joined the army. For this, you convinced Nani Sahiba with great difficulty. Your tall stature, strong body and good health helped you to join the army. He was recruited as a soldier in the 13th Regiment of Nagpur. In 1884, his regiment left for Sagar and stayed there for a long time. Along with the army, Baba Sahib traveled to many countries. After the visit to France, Baba Sahib’s regiment camped in Hyderabad Deccan. Here an American officer, Mr. Banis, was taught Quran Sharif by Baba Sahib. It was here that another army officer, Mr. William, received spiritual education from Baba Sahib. Later he moved to Calcutta and remained one
Spent in the cemetery.
You were so committed to prayer that you did not care about anything compared to prayer. Even during the service of the army, Baba Sahib was always strict in prayer and austerity and never let it slip away. There was a poem in his daily life. After completing his military duties, Baba Sahib used to go to the Dargah of Hazrat Dawood Mukti Sahib and perform Mujahideen at night. Most of the nights you used to stay there and spend the whole night engaged in meditation. When your grandmother got this news, she was very worried that Mir Anwasa had not gone bad and was not caught in bad company. So one night she followed you and reached the shrine. Return after seeing you engaged in worship and offer many duas to Nawasa. In the morning, when Huzur Baba Sahib came from Dargah, Nani Sahiba asked for breakfast, so she showed her hand again and said, “Nani Amma, I am eating these laddoos.” Don’t worry about breakfast for me. In this way, as long as he was staying in Sagar, he used to go to the Dargah of Hazrat Dawood Makki Sahib and was engaged in worship and austerity. Gradually you started to get bored and bored with the job. You approach your military officer and express your desire to resign. Subedar said that your progress is going to happen In such a case, it is not appropriate to resign from the job. 
He said that I got the development that is going to happen to me, what kind of development are you talking about? You took off your uniform and came out of the military compound. At that time you had a scar on your body. The military officer thought that they had gone mad, so he informed everyone. Your uncle Abdul Rehman’s Sir Zahoor Baig was in the same platoon, he immediately sent a message to your grandmother in the mud and Mamta’s maternal grandmother immediately came running. Nani came to Sagar and saw her grandchild in a state that hurt her a lot. Tajuddin Baba Sahib was sifting dust in the streets of Sagar, forgetting his body consciousness. He had neither sense of clothes nor thought of food. They were just walking around as if they were looking for something, sometimes they would face the forest and sometimes they would sit under a tree for hours in meditation. Nani thought that they have gone completely crazy, so bring them soil. This is in 1887.  Tajuddin Baba Sahib’s madness had settled in Nani’s heart and she wanted to get him treated. Great sages and Vedas were called but in vain and the disease worsened as the medicine was administered. After the treatment, how could Taweez Gunde treat this lover who had inflicted this disease on himself? He was no longer an ordinary human being who could be affected by medicine or prayers. Now Baba Sahib was completely fascinated by the world
It has nothing to do with Only Allah is Allah and nothing is visible except His love. In this way Baba would often be seen standing in the sun, hungry and thirsty, and sometimes wandering in the streets. Ignorant and stupid people started calling him crazy.
In Kamti, groups of children used to follow Baba in groups and pelt stones, but Baba Sahib never got angry with them. They used to build and collect stones. If an older man stopped the children, the sage would be angry with him. Meanwhile, Baba Sahib’s grandmother died. Now his maternal uncle Abdul Rahman is his head worshiper. He was employed in the Forest Department and posted in Chand. He went to Chandale with the committee Agar Baba Sahib. Wild tribes and sorcerers lived there in large numbers. His maternal uncle also treated these people. But all was in vain.  tajuddin Baba Sahib’s disease was incurable. Who could cure them? The cure for the pain of a child lover is the sight of the beloved. Baba Sahib used to wander in the dense forests of the moon. Sometimes they would sit in meditation in the ruins of an ancient citadel of the moon or under a tower. They had neither sense of food nor need of clothes. Cold, hot or rainy
They did not have any influence on them. After losing, Mamo Sahib then put them in the mud
left Now there was no one in the soil to take care of them. That’s why tajuddin Baba Sahib roamed freely on the streets. Sometimes under a bridge and sometimes in a ruin. Many did not eat for many days. If someone gave something to earn, they used to feed the dogs. There was no cloth on the body. Stay completely naked. Four years passed in the same state. During these four years many blessings came from you. People believed that you are a Dalit.
One day you were passing through the market. A goldsmith’s house on the way
fell Baba said, “Babu, vacate the house.” The goldsmith was his devotee. This
immediately obeyed the order and vacated the house. That night the house caught fire
Went and everything was burnt to ashes. On the second day when the goldsmith 1
When he saw it, he trembled. Baba’s respect increased in his eyes. Spontaneously
Tears flowed from his eyes and he stood out in search of Baba?
Searching and searching, he raised Baba under a beach and ran to his feet
fell down Baba Sahib saved him and his family from sudden calamity
was Now Baba’s fame has spread far and wide and there are hundreds of needy people
They started coming to All the time there was a crowd of people.
On the morning of August 18, 1925, this ghost brought the message to the whole country that the priest and servant of humanity had departed from this mortal world. From Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and from Assam to Balochistan, there is a Ma Tum Chha over the entire country. went. Many newspapers in the country carried the news prominently that day and thereafter.
In this way, Baba Sahib’s mourning also became a complete history within itself. Madina Bijnoor newspaper
Akhbar Madina wrote that Mr. Syed Tajuddin baba Shah, who achieved external and internal perfections, was suffering from fever for a few days and died on 26 Muharram 1324 A.H. on Saturday, 26th of August 1925, at Mahal Raja Raghoji Rao Bhonsle, Shakardara. , Nagpur, from this dar fani to the eternal world.
During the lifetime of Holy Prophet, people from far and wide used to visit him. Whoever came in need would pray to the Holy Prophet for the relief of his hardships and relief. Often leprosy, dysentery, demon-possessed and others
The sick and the needy used to lie in the court seeking your help.
Every man would get internal and external blessings from your existence. Anchor all the time
Continued. The material for the care of the destitute, the poor and the destitute, the orphan, the destitute
was present in the court.
Andhar Patrika, Hyderabad Deccan’s famous newspaper Andhar Patrika wrote in its 22nd August 125 issue that Ram was reincarnated in the form of Baba Sahib who left this world on 7th August 19325. Evening News
English newspaper Evening News of 25 August 1925 News) also published the following surprising news
What used to be called a mere fabrication is now a lot It has been confirmed by people from Mr. Narayan Rao Hedwa K Jn With your eyes Having seen the incident, take out a paper with your signature Is. In this paper he has written that in Pandurang Temple of Nagpur Tears continued to flow from Thal and Rukmini’s eyes. Thousands of people did it saw Due to this strange charisma of nature, especially Pom in the temple Archana is being done. Due to the shock of tajuddin Baba Sahib’s death, thousands of goddesses and others
The gods have shed tears. This incident has also been confirmed by the mother of this mail (Madras Mail). In this way, the famous newspapers of India have offered tearful offerings on the demise of the Prophet according to their own understanding.
Urs Sharif: Urs Mubarak of Hazrat Tajuddin baba takes place every year from 22 Muharram to 129 Muharram, in which the special days are 27/26/ Muharram because on that day Hazrat Baba passed away and was buried. On this day, Sandal Sharif reaches Tajabad Sharif through the same routes through which Baba Sahib’s funeral passed. Millions of pilgrims, irrespective of religion and caste, enjoy the privilege of attending Urs. tajuddin Baba Sahib’s Urs takes place on the same days in many places besides Tajabad Sharif. For example, Hyderabad (Deccan), Hyderabad (Sindh), Karachi, Kharakpur, Calcutta, Vijayanagar, Cuttack etc. Devotees also gather at these places and offer offerings and devotion.
Urs of Waki Sharif. Hazrat tajuddin Baba Sahib had spent many years of his life in Waki Sharif, so Hazrat tajuddin Baba Sahib’s Qibla Urs was held in Waki Sharif every year.
Every year March 2 is celebrated with great fanfare. Thousands of devotees from all over the world participate and get the privilege of attending. Chila Sharif: In his last moments,  tajuddin Baba Sahib Qibla told Maharaja Raghoji Rao Bhonsle that Mir Abstar cannot rise from your house for millions of years. That is why Hazrat Baba Sahib’s Chala Sharif is in Raja Sahib’s palace where even today the same sky is visible as it was in Baba Sahib’s lifetime. Pilgrims and devotees are greatly served here.
Hazrat Tajuddin baba’s height was 1 foot 10 inches, so he looked very tall even in the crowd of millions. Your forehead was blessedly generous which was always glowing. The color was black. The blessed face was upright and the neck was straight. Your hands were long and strong. The feet were also quite fetching and strong. Atharkh Mubarak had a beard on his body. Most of the time there were feet. They did not wear anything on their heads. His lips and tone were the same. There was a touch of elegance in the conversation. Gulab used to drink Jamun, peanuts and with his passion. If you drank tea, you would put it in a cup, but it did not make any difference to the taste and aroma. He used to drink tea himself and feed others.
Sometimes shackles were also used. Hazrat Baba Sahib’s Goodness and Good Attributes Hazrat tajuddin Baba Sahib used to gather thousands of people near Qibla. He used to call himself the Emperor of the Seven Kingdoms and sometimes called himself the Taj Awliya. He used to say that the lock is with me and the key is with Allah. He called his guests and visitors his platoon. Ho was your pillow word.
Mubarak’s disposition was full of kindness, compassion and kindness. Couldn’t see anyone in pain. Muslims used to exhort pilgrims to observe fasting and prayer. You liked Akhlaq. They ate very little food and used to starve for three days. Whatever came out of your mouth, the pious scholar would fulfill it. He was a humanitarian. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians did not differentiate between anyone. Hindus considered him as a form of God and worshiped his image.

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