Hazrat syed qudratullah shah qadri Amazing master 1

syed qudratullah shah qadri

Hazrat qudratullah shah qadri Father’s name was syed shah Ghulam Ghouse Qadri. In the 19th generation of Hazrat Syedna Ghous-ul-Azam. There was a stay in Ghazibanda, but there was no permanent residence in one place. Mujaddid was an adjective. He had not received formal education in any school, but if he went, yes. When he used to teach, great scholars were amazed.

Once, along with some devotees, they were passing near the dome of Qutb Shahi, when a separate snake climbed on his head from his toe and after going around his throat three times, got down from his feet and sat at a distance. What did you do to him? I have no fear of you. Make me your creator. Now where Osmania University is, there used to be a Majzoob before the university was established.

qudratullah shah

He went to meet him along with Dastgir Nawaz Jang. In the evening, Majzoob left. No one was here now that a fire was burning nearby. You put your foot in the fire and it was asked, “Now I can lose here?” I made my nephew Mr. Maulvi Syed Dastgir Ali Shah Qadiri as my successor. A few months before his death, he was admitted to Osmania Hospital.

Hazrat qudratullah shah left this universe in the month of Dhu l-Kada

Shrine of hazrat qudratullah shah is inside the dargha shareef of hazrat shah raju qattal hussaini at misri gunj Gazi banda hyderabad.

Present sajjada nasheen of dargha qudratullah shah is the son of hazrat syed shah dastagir ali shah quadrati saheb.

Urs anniversary is celebrated every year by the sajjada nasheen qudrat pasha saheb.

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