Hazrat Mujadid Alf-e-Sani (Ahmad Sirhindi) True master 1

Sheikh Ahmad Farooq Sirhindi (Imam Rabbani)  (Mujadid AlfeSani)

Ahmad sirhindi
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Hazrat Ahmad farooq sirhindi born on 14 Shawwal 971 Hijri according to the English calendar and on 25 May 1564 AD. Your real name was Sheikh Ahmad Farooq Sirhindi.
Your lineage traces back 28 ways to Khalifa-e-Dom Hazrat Umar Farooq-e-Azam Raziallahu Taala Anhu, that is, the blood of the Sahabi Rasool is running in your body, Allahu Akbar.
Your father Sheikh Abdul Ahad Chishti Rahmatullah Alaih who himself is Wali-e-Kamil and also a follower and caliph of Shah Abdul Quddus Rudaulvi Gangohi Rahmatullah Alaih says that one night before your birth he had a dream that darkness had spread everywhere and my A light came out from the chest which revealed a throne and a person is sitting on it. All the oppressors are being killed in front of him. When he took Tasharif to the house, he said that a son will be born in your house who will remove misguidance/bid’at from the world.
childhood and education
In childhood, you got education from your father, after that you went to Sialkot Tasharif for higher education, where you got higher education from Maulana Kamal Kashmiri Alaihirrahma and Mohammad Yakub Kashmiri Alaihirrahma.
After completing his education at the age of 21, he returned home and got involved in Tadris. Most of his time was spent in Tadris and hazrat ahmad sirhindi was in the service of his father. Hazrat ahmad sirhindi also felt like performing Haj but got busy in serving his father. Because of this, you were not able to perform Hajj. After some time, your father passed away, after which you decided to perform Hajj.
Hajj intention and meeting the mentor
Ahmad sirhindi Rahmatullah Alaih intended to perform Haj and reached Delhi where you met your friend Maulana Mohammad Hasan Kashmiri, talked to each other about each other’s well-being, then he narrated to you the deeds and stories of Khwaja Baqi Billah Rahmatullah Alaih, after hearing which you became very happy. And said, let us also attend the court of such a dervish. As soon as you entered his Khanqah, we will see you. Khwaja Baqi Billah Rahmatullah Alaih said, come for you in Ahmad.
I have come to Delhi from Kabul and you are the one who deserves my phase and this is your legacy.
After this, he worshiped you and after staying in the company of Peer for 7 days, you got satisfied with Faizan. After you were given the caliphate and permission of Silsila-e-Alia Naqshbandiya, you sir came to India and started Tabligh of the religion, where with the help of your knowledge and spirituality, Out of desperation, hundreds followed you and attained Faizan. Here you were preaching religion and on the other hand the purpose for which you had come had already begun.
Emperor Akbar and the reason for his misguided
Actually, the early life of Emperor Akbar was spent in the company of a dervish, Khwaja Salim Chishti Rahmatullah Alaih. He had great faith in him, but there came a time when the whole of India had come under Akbar’s control, and on the other hand, Khwaja Sheikh Salim Chishti Rahmatullah Alaih also became Vishal. After that, illiterate Mullahs and misguided Mushiro gave a suggestion to Akbar that Jahanpanah should no longer be
It has been 1000 years since this religion came and this religion has become old, so now it is time to make a new religion, whose laws you decide, in which all religions should be united, so that there is no kind of discrimination in your state. Akbar understood that it should not be disturbed. (Note–) Generally, we consider Emperor Akbar alone to be wrong in this matter, but even more wrong are those Ulemas who used to live with Akbar and advised Akbar to do this. save to)
Akbar’s announcement
On the other hand, when Akbar heard about the benefits of creating a new religion, Akbar got so trapped in the trap of greed for wealth and throne that he announced the creation of a new religion.
What is Deen-e-Ilahi?
Let us understand what is the new religion created by Akbar and why it is against the people of Allah, then these are the rules that were there for Akbar’s new religion at that time—
1– People of all religions should worship together.
2–Liquor/Sudh/Halal was there and people of every religion could marry each other.
3 – We were made to stop greeting each other, instead we used to say Allahu Akbar.
4- Cow was banned.
5–Sajdah-e-Taazimi had been declared legitimate for itself.
6-Dine Ilahi was called Dine Akbar.
Battle of Mujaddid Alfe Sani urf Ahmad sirhindi and Akbar
Any Ghayyur Muslim who raised his voice against this dictatorial decision of Emperor Akbar was immediately punished due to which everyone started getting scared. One day he, Rahmatullah Alaih, came to the court.
Melania challenged Akbar and said, Listen Jalal Jannati/Hell, the pure and the impure can never be equal, similarly the believers and the infidels are also not equal to each other, this religion you have created is wrong but it is real. The king lost his senses after hearing that the religion of my Prophet was there, everyone sitting there got stressed but you Rahmatullah Alaih spoke your words without any fear, for which even the date bows down to your frankness and salutes them till the doomsday. Will remain.
Jahangir’s dethronement
After the death of Akbar, his son Jahangir ascended the throne, who also adopted the same method which he had received from his father Emperor Akbar. One day, Jahangir asked the people sitting in his court to tell him some trick by which Sheikh Ahmed Farooqui would bow down to me. Hearing this, everyone stepped back because everyone knew that the sun can change its direction but Sheikh Ahmad Farooqui Sir Hindi Rahmatullah Alaih to any Ghairullah.
He will not do Sajda-e-Tazimi. Meanwhile, a servant got up and said, “Forgive me Jahanpanah’s impudence. Please get a window installed outside the court, reduce its height so that whenever he enters through it, he will be forced to bow his head. He was happy to hear this the next day.” A window was placed in the court, there was talk of you going inside with your head bowed, on the other hand, you Rahmatullah Alaih already knew that after that, when he went to the court, all eyes were on you, you were the first one to enter the window, and then Sir i.e. the king was waiting for your bowed head but the first thing he saw was your steps which made the king angry and he got you arrested and put in jail.
Tabligh and Rasool-e-Khuda’s dream in jail
You went to jail and started preaching the religion there also and started teaching Tasawwuf to the people. Many people from your caste became your followers in the jail, that is, you remained engaged in spreading the religion of Allah even in the jail. One day, Jahangir’s daughter got the visit of Rasool-e-Kareem (peace be upon him) in her dream.
Alahi Wasallam turned his face away. His daughter said, O Aka Alaihissalam, what has happened to this princess that you have turned your face away, O blessed one. Aka Alaihissalam said, my son is imprisoned in your jail and you are asking what is wrong with you. After this, her eyes opened and when the morning came, she ran to Jahangir and narrated her night’s dream. Jahangir immediately issued orders for your release but you refused and said that all the innocent prisoners inside with me should be released. should also be released and this new religion should be immediately dismissed and the day of Aqra • Alaihissalam should be defined, hence it was done as per your condition and finally you Rahmatullah Alaih came out and again the religion of Mustafa Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam was defined.
Actually, Mujaddid says that when an attempt is made to change the religion of Allah or by calling it a fake religion and proving it to be a part of Islam or whatever kind of slander is raised over Islam, it should be cleared.
To do this, Allah sends a man, a Mujahid, who comes and cleans it and restores the religion to its original form. He is called a Mujaddid. It is also mentioned in the Hadith Sharif that Allah sends a Mujaddid every 100 years. You came 1000 years after the beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, that is why you are called Mujaddid-e-Alfe Sani and Imam-e-Rabbani is also written before your name.
Fatiha and Rasool’s displeasure
You write in Maktubat Sharif that your method was that I used to recite Fatiha while eating and recite the name of Panjtane Kareem to give the reward. Once in my dream, I was present in Madinah and prophet Alaihissalam turned his gaze away from you. Now you. We became worried as to what happened today and the Prophet became angry with us, then the Prophet said, O Ahmad, don’t you know that I eat my food at the house of my Ayesha (Siddika Salamullah Alaiha) and you mention her name in your Fatiha. I was very ashamed to hear that it should not happen and then I
Whenever I recite Fatiha, I have never forgotten to take the name of Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Salamullah Alaiha. You yourself have mentioned this incident.
28 Safar 1034 Hijri According to the English calendar, on 9 December 1624 AD, you went to Visal Farma, your Astana Sharif is in Sirhind Punjab where even today your Urs Pak is celebrated with great grandeur. Allama Dr. Iqbal Rahmatullah Alaih Irshad says that
I was present on the blood of Sheikh Mujaddid, his faces are like ashes, that is the meaning of Anfar.
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