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Syed Sadullah Hussaini Qaderi



sadullah hussaini qaderi
sadullah hussaini qaderi

The sacred form of Hazrat Syed Ahmed Quaderi aka Syed Sadullah Hussaini Quaderi is located in the desolate forest of Jalalpur division in the high mountains and for this reason people generally call him Sahib of BadaPahad.

Devotees, who have vowed to visit his shrine from far away with family members and children and spend huge expenses and come there in the forest and desert without any fear or fear there, they will stay for 2-4 days and fulfill them. promise and gift-to-receive-goodness, return from there. Outside of the rainy season, thousands of people go there every day and sacrifice hundreds of goats there. There they will celebrate their sacrifice with great honor. He is said to be the most beautiful person and his spiritual powers and miracles are many and he looks at people day and night there.

Among those who worship him, there is a greater number of non-Muslims than the number of Muslims and those who perform their activities in great worship. Mohammed Aminuddin was the vice president of Balkonda in the year 1262 Hijri and in whose verses he mentioned many of his good qualities.

Hazrat Syed Sadullah Hussaini was a great holy man of Allah and he was God fearing and pious in his time. He was given the job as the representative of the owner of Balkonda. It is said that at that time there was no rain for 2-3 years because of this, there was severe drought in Balkonda village and all the people were facing heavy rains, hardships and problems because of this.

He showed his good character in such a situation that for two years he did not collect money from the land from the people and always used it to serve humanity. The owner of the house started operations for the collection of land revenue and finally, he sent a group of Arab guards for the collection of revenue in the village of Balkonda. Hearing this news, he left Balkonda alone at night and began to stay in the forest and desert. It is true that the friend of the generous is Allah. People wanted him very much, but they did not find him in the forest.

100 years ago in this place there was no such population, there were roads and roads and there was a large forest of Jalalpur which is famous for forest and dangerous animals. Hence his name became known as Khuni Jalalpur.

In this forest there was a mountain with seven branches and he went to the top and hid him there because of his spiritual power, the milkman because of his devotion gave him milk every day and privacy in its northern location. In this way, a long time passed, one day, this woman told him that some people came there looking for him. When he heard this news, he entered the world in a state of life. His wife brought milk and called him her protection there.

Syed Ismail Zabihullah Shah Chisti Caliph of Hazrat Watan Sahib who also mentioned this tradition that he was righteous and left Balkonda and went to Jalalpur and settled in this area which will last until the day of reckoning. His great miracle is that in this dangerous forest, millions of people will get happiness by entering the forest without any fear or danger here.

The death anniversary (Urs) of hazrat syed shah sadullah hussaini qaderi begins six days from the sandal and in Jalalpur from the 11th to the 16th Rajab of the Muslim calendar every year. Urs (death anniversary) is celebrated every year by the administrator of the shrine in the best manner with the best comfort and service to the visitors of the shrine.

Shrine of hazrat sadullah hussaini qaderi is located in nizamabad district of telangana.

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