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Hazrat Amir Khusro Dehlavi ( Delhi)

Amir khusro
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you were the Sultan of the poets, Burban Al-Chusla, the scholar of speech and speech, and he was the chosen one and the unceasing one in both the worlds of the human race. He had the perfection in writing essays and in all kinds of speech to convey meaning. None of me was lucky, he recited his poems in Isfahani style and intonation according to his Peer Farman Warshad, despite the fact that he was a master of knowledge and grace, but he was characterized by the attributes of Sufism and the status of dervishes.

Although you had relations with the princes and the nobles and the princes and had a good-natured and elegant relationship, but you were not naturally inclined towards all of them, one of the clear reasons for this is the blessings in your poems and words.

He seems to be the grace of all the Mashaikhs because the hearts of the transgressors are deprived of blessings and the acceptance and effectiveness of their words is not available to the heart. It is reported that Amir Khusrau used to finish seven verses of the Holy Quran every night in Tahjud. One day, Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya asked him, O Turk! What is the status of your engagements, asked, Sidi! In the last part of the night, there is more and more wailing, and weeping dominates (the Sheikh said, Alhamdulillah, some effects are appearing, the author

Sir Syed Muhammad Sahib says that when Amir Khusro was born, at that time the neighbors of Amira Jain used to release a (unknown) Majzoob, the newborn was wrapped in a cloth and brought to that Majzoob, he said. That you have brought him who will go two steps ahead of Khaqani, it is possible that this Majzoob means Masnavi and Ghazal by going two steps ahead, because some elders are of the opinion about you that you are like Khaqani in poetry.
We are a bridge but we have not gone beyond that, you were one of the ancient and old friends and devotees of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya, you had immense devotion and love for Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya and the Sheikh was also very kind and benevolent to you. He was in the service of the Sheikh and no one had as much privacy and closeness as Amir Khusrau. Presenting the requests, one of the letters that the Shaikh sent to Amir Khusrau in his own hand was this.
After protecting the body, one should avoid all those matters which are permissible according to Sharia, and one should monitor one’s time and consider this age as a prize, the purpose of which is achieved, one’s life should not be wasted in idle and futile activities. should be done, if the power of Ansharah arises in the heart, then one should follow cardiac Ansharah because it is reliable in the way of behavior and tariqat, and the seeking of good should be put before all matters. Amir Khusrau himself has written all the blessings and favors of the Sheikh on Khusrau.
One of them is (written by Amir Khusradi himself) that once Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya turned to his servant and said, “I am from the whole world.” I get tired but I don’t get tired of you. Once a person boldly asked the Sheikh that you should look at me with the same eyes as you see Amir Khusro. He did not answer, but after that the Shaykh told me that it occurred to me that at that time I should tell this person to first develop so much ability.
Once Sheikh said that pray for me because O Khusrau! Your survival depends on my survival and you should be buried by my side. The people repeated these sentences several times in front of the Sheikh, then the Sheikh said, God willing, it will be the same. that when you go to heaven, you too will be taken with me, God willing, once I saw my Sheikh in a dream, he told me to come close to us, and the scene of this dream was that of Sheikh Najibuddin Mutawakkil.
A lot of water was flowing in front of the house and I was sitting on a plateau and a high place and Sheikh Nizamuddin was looking very happy and happy, he said to me, O Amir Khusro! It has come to my heart that in this auspicious time I should ask God for what I want about you (i.e. ask for your death) so I have asked God for it and hope My prayer has been accepted, which you will soon witness.
One day I heard the words of the Sheikh himself, he said that tonight I heard a voice that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was remembering Khusrau with the title of Maddah (Praiser). It has been given by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and God willing, thanks to these names and addresses, this servant is a candidate for many other rewards. He had decorated and decorated the letter with his blessed left hand and sent it, which the servant has kept as a talisman so that it will be with me in the grave. .
Once Nizamuddin Auliya called me to him and said that we have seen a dream and that is that on Thursday we saw in a dream that Shaykh Sadruddin Ibn Shaykhul Islam Bahauddin Zakaria, may Allah have mercy on him, came to us. honored him, and he also behaved with such humility that cannot be described, at the same time I saw that Khusro! You were also seen coming from afar, when you came to us, you would come As soon as you began to describe the knowledge of God, at the same time the muezzin began to give the call to Fajr prayer, due to which my eyes opened (and the chain of dreams was interrupted), then the Shaykh said to me: Look at this What a great occasion, I said, Hazrat, this is all yours. After saying this, the Sheikh started crying loudly and I was also overwhelmed by his crying. He invited me and clothed me with his blessed hand and said to always keep in mind the sayings of the sages.
Amir khusro, who is the greatest and the prose mangalish, has no desire to own property and country, speak on Khosrow and right, this is Khosrow Mast Nasir Khosrow, because God is Nasser Khosrow Mast. Yes, this Khusrau of ours is not Khusrau Nasir, because our Khusrau Nasir is superior and higher than Khusrau) When Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya (may God bless him and grant him peace) died, Khusrau was not present with him because he was Sultan Muhammad. accompanied Tughluq to Lucknow, after returning from the journey engaged in lamentation and penitence, and was in a demented state, weeping and saying at the same time, “I weep for myself because after the Shaykh Now I will not live and for six months after that you will live. It is narrated that Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya, may God bless him and grant him peace, died on 18 Rabi al-Thani 725 Hijri and Amir Khusro died on 18 Shawwal 725 Hijri.
Annual urs of hazrat amir khusro is celebrated every year.
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