Hazrat nizamuddin aurangabadi Great master 1 Rh

Hazrat nizamuddin aurangabadi

Hazrat khwaja Shah Nizamuddin Aurangabadi Rh is considered as one of the most important saints of India. The birth year of Hazrat Rh is 1060 Hijri . He was from a village near Lucknow named Kakor.

nizamuddin aurangabadi
hazrat nizamuddin aurangabadi

Hazrat Nizamuddin Aurangabadi Rh was the Murid and Khalifa-e-azam of Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah shah Jahanabadi Rh. The peer-o-Murshad (spiritual teacher) of Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah shah Jahanabadi Rh was Qutub Madina Shaikh Yahiya Madani Rh.

On the advice of Shaikh Yahiya Madani Rh, Shaikh Kalimullaha Rh gave Shah Nizamuddin Auliya Rh the title of Khalifa-e-Azam and ordered him to live in the Deccan and gave him vilayat duties and duties of the deccan.

While Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh was learning his capital Kakor at the same time in Madina Munnawara the preparation of his spiritual teachings continued, which means that in Madinatul Munnwara and Rauza of the prophet mohammed the Qutubul Madina Hazrat Sheikh Yahiya Madani Rh poured holy spirit. teaching and learning in Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullaha Shah Jahanabadi Rh After he gave Sheikh Kalimullah Rh Sheikh Yahiya Madani Rh khilafat and told him that the name of his spiritual successor will be “NIZAMUDDIN” who will come and bring you knowledge and read the next one. verse.

After hearing this Sheikh Kalimullaha Rh became emotional for some time and remembered the prophecy of Sheikh Yahiya Madni Rh and narrated this incident from Madina Munnwara to Hazrat Nizamuddin Aurangabadi Rh which Peer-o-Murshid Sheikh Yahiya Madni Rh said that one A man named “NIZAMUDDIN” will come to your khanqah (Sufi monastery) to get higher education in Islam and then his heart will attract him to the teachings of spirituality (Sufism) he will express his desire and read this couple (sher) and you must. give him all the wisdom of spiritual teachings as he will be your “Khalifa-e-azam” who will spread and spread Islam and chistiya silsila.

So the spiritual training of Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh started after the training period of strong spirit Hazra t Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh appointed khalifa-e-Azam of Shah kalimullah Rh and ordered him to live in deccan and made him hide Vilayat of deccan. By the instructions of Peer-o-Murshid Sheikh Kalimullaha Rh. Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh came to Deccan and went to Burhanpur, Sholapur, Bijapur and settled in Aurangabad permanently.

Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh founded a spiritual khanqah (Sufi monastery) in Aurangabad and devoted his entire life to the spiritual upliftment of the people. Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh on his arrival at Aurangabad was anxious for the blessings of the Peer-o-Murshid. Thus, the two Sufi saints were in constant contact through correspondence and letters. Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh was advised by Shaikh Kaleemullah Rh and Hazrat Kasim Ali Rh compiled and transcribed these letters in Persian language. The collection of these letters is Maktubaat-e-kaleemi. This book was translated into Urdu by Sajjada Nashin Syed Moinuddin present Mohemmed Miya The spiritual names given to Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi which are described in the letter of Shaikh Kaleemullah Jahanabadi Rh are as follows.

The sacred mysteries of the world who love Almighty God. They bear witness to the high character of the dervishes who loved the Almighty God.

Saint Nizamuddin Aurangabadi is a Sufi mystic treasure. The venerable icon of Sufi darveshes, the venerable icon of a friend, a master of theological interpretation, truth and religion, may God Almighty continue to bless him in the heavens.

Most important at the level of those who love God Almighty, the proper trust of those who have gained closeness to God Almighty, the saint of Islam and the Muslim community.

The leader of the Muslim community, the founder of the religion of the beauty of God through his existence the pious dervishes seek their afterlife.

Also, Hazrat Kaleemullah Jahanabadi Rh wrote in his letter:-

Nizamuddin, all your efforts are read as Haj, you purify the wood of your murid by teaching them the manners of speech (because the tongue can take you to hell or heaven) You teaching them good manners and etiquettes. From above, it is clear that Hazrat Nizamuddin is near and dear to Shaikh Kaleemullah Janabadirh.

Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh came to Aurangabad and established his Khankha. According to Shah Suleman Tausvi Rh the Khankha of Hazrat Nizamuddin has 10 doors. The needy people come to the door with a paper on which their legitimate needs are written. This book was written in the name of Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh and his Ameer the chiefs and Jagirdars would consider it as the highest honor to meet the needs of their brothers because of their great respect and deep love for Hazrat Rh.

The khankha of Hazrat Rh is always full of needy people kamgar khan (murid) says that in his life he did not see poor people returning empty handed from Hazrat Rh Darbar.


As Shaikh Kaleemullah Jahanabadirh told him. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliyar. had made a decision to spread spirituality as the main desire of his life and in this he wholeheartedly invested his life and all his wealth. Hazrat Kaleemullah. These are the instructions from Delhi to Hazrat Nizamuddin rh. obeying them in the word coming to the Deccan with the soldiers of King Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi rh. has spread and tried to reform the army. Hazrat Nizamuddin rh. He was successful in his quest because as many as three lakhs Murideen and 300 Kamil Khulfa (spiritual scholars) were there spreading his words before him. Spiritual Formation and Teaching of Disciples (murideen)

There are many Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh murideen According to Fawad-E-Ziyai there are 3 lakhs disciples and 300 caliphs. It is written in Munakeb-E-Fakhria that Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh teaches and guides his murideen due to the guidance and teachings of Peer-o-Murshad Shaikh Kaleemullah Rh. Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh, during his Majlees (meetings of Sufis), used asking the murideen to read any religious book aloud and listen to them carefully. Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh did not like to talk between the Majlis on worldly matters and the murideen who were in Zikr Askar (Remembrance of God) Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh encouraged them to continue this practice. It is very difficult for his murideen to follow the principles of Islam.

Hazrat Nizamuddin aurangabadi Rh Used to follow his meditation is reciting the secret names of Allah every day (Ibadat-e-Ashgaal and Awrad) for his murideen Hazrat Rh Used to give more importance to Zikr (voice reminding of God) twice in week murideen used. to gather for Zikr in Khankha (Sufi monastery) Hazrat Rh along with murideen engages in Zikr and if Hazrat finds that his Murid is not interested, Hazrat Rh sits beside him and acts until the murid calms down strength and Zikr.

Sometimes in the middle of the night Hazrat Rh looks at the murideen whether they are busy in Zikr or not. If Hazrat Rh saw a Murid sleeping, Hazrat used to wake him up by pouring cold water on him.

Therefore, Hazrat Rh always ensured that obedience among his murideen like Zikr of Allah Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh did not talk about contradictory topics. If anyone has the habit of asking questions about this, Hazrat Rh asks him to refer to the books of Sufi saints in which detailed answers are given. Interests and industrial influence of Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh.

The character of Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh was so good that people unknowingly used it to attract his attention. It is written in Esan-us-Shamil as said by Hazrat Rh

Many people think that I am a kimiyagar (one who knows how to make gold) and that is why they come to see me. But Hazrat Rh diverts their mind from worldly wealth to reciting the name of Allah to the extent that they are perfect and remember only Allah instead of thinking of others.

NizamulAwkat (Time Management)

Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh did not like the process of debate and if anyone came to make a request or ask a question Hazrat Rh advised him to refer to the same book for that question. Hazrat Rh did not take his food alone but if he did, Hazart Rh sent the food to the poor in need and had only his food. The teachings of the Holy Prophet

Shaikh ul-Islam Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin was committed to following the teachings of Sunnat mohammed every work done by Hazrat Rh in the light of Sunnat-Nabvi. It is written in Asan-us-Shamil by Khawaja Kamgar Khan Sahab Rh and the way of life of HazratNizamuddinAuliya Rh is used to show the noor light of Prophet mohammed Hazrat Rh following Sunnat-e Rasool. During the discussion on the subject of the war ohod of Dandane Mubarak (teeth) of Rasool Allah the prophet mohammed broke Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh Desire the same thing will happen to him (following the Sunnah) Allah Tallah accepted Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh’s Prayer and one day in during the Mahfil-e-sema (Qawaali Sufi singing) murid in the passion of Wajd (ecstasy) hit himself in the face of Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh due to which the front teeth of Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh escaped from this accident Hazrat Nizamuddin. said Rh

Alhamdulillah, the Sunnah of Rasool Allah is also fulfilled.

The behavior and ethics of Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh are perfect. The problems of people known or unknown as Hazrat Rh listened to him with enthusiasm. He gives each guest something to eat or drink and at least one glass of water. In the midst of a large crowd or followers, he used to be in the position of namaz in front of hazrat Rh no one had the courage to sit in comfort. Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh shared the sorrows of people, he did not say any bad words in his life which discouraged people.


Hazrat Nizamuddin Rh has not been approved to show or spread Karamaat, i.e. miracles as the saying goes everything is in a pot that only comes out. It is without purpose that people know the miracles of Hazrat Rh.

1. When Hazrat Nizamuddin rh. He was in Sholapur at that time, there was no rain at all in that area. The governor of Sholapur, Mehandi Khan asked Hazrat Nizamuddin rh. Pray for rain and through Hazratrh prayer. There has been heavy rain in this area.

2. Once a man came to Hazrat Nizamuddinrh. He asked the wisdom of Hazat. In Sufism, he is a Faqiri. Hazrat. She didn’t answer his question when the man insisted. Hazrat. Tell the man to look in the mirror first. Hazrat.

One of his murid said that he brought this man a glass. When this person looked in the mirror, he saw that his face had changed in a bad way. It is strange, he asked Hazrat. Because his face changed. For this Hazrat. May Allah show you what you are (from the heart) the man who likes Hazratr. He also said that he knows the method of Kimiya (making gold) which will fill your house with its wealth of gold. Then the man took out a coconut of 52 tola or 624 g. And pour coconut powder into the molten copper. So change it to gold. Hazrat Smiling and saying that this process is very complicated, Allah Tallah showed me a simple process.

Hazrat. I asked this man to melt the copper. When someone smelts copper. Hazrat. Sprinkle the molten copper with saliva and turn it into gold. The man asked Hazrat. It is that for Hazratr. Bring back and these are the blessings of the name of Allah. When the man heard this, he humbly asked Hazrat. Register with muredains. After a year, one day he asked Hazrat. That I tried hard but so far I have not revealed the hidden truth. For this Hazrat. Reply that you have not thrown away the bad thing (coconut) and order the man to throw the coconut into the well. Hazrat. Says a Fakir, that is, a spiritual person should be related to God and should rely only on God by holding his generation (spiritual preceptor). The man threw a coconut into the well and that same night revealed what he was looking for.

3. Murid’s wife has leprosy in which the body rots. When the murid could not cure his wife by going to various Hakims (physicians), he came to Hazrat Nizamuddin Aurangabadirh. He also asked him to heal his wife. He performs ablution (Wazu) at that time after doing wazuHazrath. asked him Mureed took the water that was left in the boat and washed the water that Hazrat had made. Then Hazrat. Ask his murid to make his wife drink some water every day and put some sand on the affected area.

Within a week, the wife of mureed was cured of this disease. Every morning, people suffering from various diseases come to Hazrat. Khanqah and Hazrat pray for them before Allah that the people are healed. Hazrat Nizamuddin rh. Put his wet cloth on the eye of the person suffering from the eye for a week in the same place where the eye used to be.

4. Nawab Quamruddin Ali Khan Nizamul Mulk Asif Jaha Awal when he came to deccan to conquer Hyderabad he had to face Mubbariz Khan the Subedar. Asif JahaAwal came to Hazrat Nizamuddin Aurangabadi rh. Khanqah then asked him to pray for his victory. Asif JahaAwal told Hazrat. And the enemy is stronger. Hazrat. Say on Thursday, you will get lucky and the color of your shoes and tent (Khaima) Then you will win. There were many followers of Hazrat Nizamuddin rh. According to “Fawad-E-Ziyai”, there are 3 lakhs followers and 300 kamilkkhulafas (spiritual successors who learned to propagate silsila again)

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Fakhruddin Muhibun Nabi Delhvi RA. It rests on the west from the old mosque [masjid-e-kohna], and on the east from the shrine of Hazrat Kaki RA. He was born in Aurangabad [now in Maharashtra].

His father Shaykh Nizamuddin Aurangabadi RA, the Caliph of Hazrat Shaykh Kalimullah Shahjahanabadi RA took his new baby with his Shaykh. Shaykh Kalimullah was very happy to see Shaykh Fakhruddin RA, from his kurta making a kurta for the baby, and named him Maulana Fakhruddin. When this baby was seven years old, he saw the Prophet in his dream. The Prophet gave him five coffee beans. Surprisingly, when he woke up in the morning, he had these five seeds in his hand. He immediately told his father about the dream and this experience. He gave three seeds to his father and ate two himself. He quickly started climbing the spiritual ladder and stayed in Delhi.

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