Hazrat moizuddin multani True master 1

Moizuddin multani Yakutpura

Hazrat Moizuddin Multani was born in Hyderabad. The father’s name was Muhammad Moinuddin multani who came to hyderaBad During Asif Jah. Your grand father Hazrat Khawaja Aminuddin multani is buried in Balkunda field and Nizamabad district. Hazrat Syed Ismail Qadri was the Spritual master who belonged to Syed ahmedullah Hussaini .

moizuddin multani

Matriculation from Darul Uloom and Syed Ibrahim Adeeb Rizvi (B.A) and Muhammad Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui are notable among your teachers. Bahadur Yar Jang was in every party of yours. Employed in Departments (Greece). The Nawab was made a special adviser until the pardon. Translated two Persian books, Aros Irfan and Amwaj Khubi into Urdu, which were published, you were the best preacher. He used to teach Sufism in Majlis Irfan every year from Muharram to 27 Safar every year.

Since three sons and three daughters were born, every event that happened according to the era, age, age, and wealth, and the neighborhood or power of the twelve near the Kamila Mosque, was discussed in the Roshan Dil yakutpura.

Your eldest son masiuddin multani is your successor. Qari Abdullah Qureshi Azhari (khatib mecca masjid charminar hyderabad) is your caliph. Hazrat Hazrat Moizuddin multani was an example of bringing the car park, and most of the dates of marriages and sayings were set by him. Hearing is in this poem.

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