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Hazrat musa suhag was a perfect fakir and master of outward and inward dispositions. Shah Sikandar is the Murid Khalifa of Bodla. Lived in Ahmedabad. You were always playing songs, wearing feminine red clothes, and holding a broad hand, you are actually from Mastoor Awliya. Once it rained in Amsak in Ahmedabad, the scholars of the city prayed for three days, but there were no signs of rain. The king said to Qazi Shahr. Qazi searched for Shah Musa Sahag. Both the Qazi and the King of Gujrat came to his service and revealed the truth of Amsak Baran and asked for prayers.

Hazrat musa suhag said: I am a sinner and a wanderer. Purpose! Due to the insistence of the judge and the king, he raised his hand to pray and looked up at the sky and said: O my husband! If it doesn’t rain, I’m going to leave right now.

It is said that you were about to throw your bangle on a stone, one by one a cloud fell in the sky and so much water rained that the rivers and canals were irrigated and the famine continued. People believed after seeing this dignity of yours. From that day the fame of your province became known throughout the country, and the group of Musa Sahag was issued from you. •

You passed away in the month Rajab. His shrine is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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