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Hayat qalandar
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Famous sufis of Mangalore. His real name is Shah Badruddin Qalandar, the famous Muthuddeen Auliya wa Ka Bar Wasilin God. He came to India from his native Bata Yah Sharif and settled in the country of Berar. At that time there was a great emphasis on shirk and disbelief. With the blessing of your presence, Islam spread there.

You were from the family of Rifaia Ahmadiyya. Your father’s name is Syed Yahya Bataihi. In the town of Mangalore there lived a fierce king. Hazrat hayat qalandar fought against him along with his devotees and sent all his army to hell. From that day, Islam flourished there.

You are the ruler of that country. There were great Murtaz times and Abid and Zahid. Your refuge is Anwar Fayuzat Elhi. Even now divine lights are visible from his tomb. He passed away on 22nd Jumadi al-Thani 651 AH. There is an Anwar at his shrine in the town of Mangalore Malik Berar.

Annual urs is celebrated

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