Hazrat Shaikh Bahauddin Shuttari True master 1

Hazrat Shaikh Bahauddin Shuttari doulatabad

Shaikh bahauddin shuttari
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Hazrat shaikh bahauddin shuttari got Khilafat from hazrat Ibrahim bin Ataullah Qadri. You are one of the most famous elders. there were circumstances and comprehensive perfections and blessings. Hazrat shaikh bahauddin shuttaris hometown is Jind, Haryana, India. The ruler of Mandu called you. He once lived in Mandu in the kingdom of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Khilji.

He used to teach the students in external and internal sciences. After a few years, Malik moved towards the Deccan and settled in the city of Bidar. Faiz Qadria was a scholar. From your writings, a famous magazine, Azkar wa Ikshan, on the types and types of Shataria, says that when you were writing Boye Khushso, you would get such a taste and excitement that you would almost die and the soul would leave the body.

Therefore, the reason for your death is written that once in a state of blindness and old age, a believer brought Dalia in front of you. He died on Arzu al-Hijjah 921 AH in the taste of this fragrance. His shrine is in Daulatabad. Hazrat shaikh bahauddin shuttari caliphs are Shaykh Muhammad Multani, Syed Ibrahim Ameerji, and MaulaNa Aleemuddin etc. are blessed by you.

Annual urs are celebrated each year.

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