Hazrat Makhdoom Ali Mahimi Great Sufi 1

Hazrat makhdoom ali mahimi

Makhdoom ali mahimi
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Maulana Faqih Ali Makhdoom Ali Mahimi Quds Sar
You are from Mashahir Wa KaBir Auliya. Your name is Ali Bin Hasan Bin Ibrahim Bin Ismail Purde. Syed Ibrahim Qadri writes in Risala Zamir al-Insan that his title is due to the Nawayat, Hazrat makhdoom ali mahim is a Shafia section. Hazrat makhdoom ali mahimi was a great ascetic and worshiper, a comprehensive scholar of Shariat and Tariqat and a master of outward and inward dispositions.
Hazrat makhdoom ali mahimi was born in 776 AH. The lights of wisdom and knowledge shone in his nasiya (forehead) from childhood. It is said that with the blessings of your mother Majda’s prayer, you got Wilayat. He got an education from Khizr (peace be upon him).
There was a seminary in Maham where he used to teach the students about external and internal sciences and spent most of his time reading books. Chananch al-Rahmani, Zuwarif Sharh al-Awarif, al-Um al-Sharh al-Fusus al-Hikam, translation of Lamaat Iraqi, Noor al-Azhar, al-Hawaq al-Azhar, Istijla wa Basr, Israr al-Fiqh, Risal al-Wujud, and Ajla al-Taid etc. are famous in your treatises and mysticism. With your blessings, Islam has progressed well in all of them. Anwar Wilayat is visible from your shrine. The country is called Qutb Wilayat.
He passed away in 835 AH.
Annual urs is celebrated every year and lakhs of devotees attend the urs ceremony.
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His shrine is famous in the town of Mahaim near Bombay.
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