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Wajihuddin alvi shattari
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There are two traditions related to your birth, in which according to one tradition, 902 Hijri and according to the other, 910 Hijri has been found. Your father’s name was Syed Nasrullah Alvi, who was the Qazi of Gujarat at that time.
name, lineage
Your name was Wajihuddin, which means leader of the religion-serving community. You are the Mujaddid Qutub Wali-e-Kamil.
You are the shining light of Hashmi family. You are Alvi Sadat but in your life you never let the fact of being Alvi Sadat be known to the public.
Shattari is found in your name and those who are associated with Ahle Tasawwuf know about the Silsila-e-Sattariya but it is possible that this silsila may not have passed before the eyes of the public.
Most of the people know these four silsilas in Hindi: Chishtia, Qadariya, Naqshbandi, Soharwardi.
But you will be surprised to know that Silsila Shattaria is not a new series but a very old series.
Bistamia it in the room
Ishqiya in Iran
Shattaria in India
It is called The Bani (founder) of this Silsila is Shaykh Sirajuddin Abdullah Sattar Rahmatullah Alaihi who is the descendant of Bani (founder) Shaykh Umar Sahabuddin Sohrawardy of Silsila Sohrawardy and he is the caliph of Sultanul Arfeen Hazrat Khwaja Bayazid Bustami Rahmatullah Alaihi. That is, you Sirajuddin Alvi Rahmatullah Alaih’s series meets Hazrat Sultanul Arfeen Ba Yazid Bustami Rahmatullah Alaihi.
Hind arrival of Sheikh Sirajuddin Abdullah Sattar
Bani (Founder) of Sattaria Silsila Shaikh Sirajuddin Abdullah Sattar Rahmatullah Alaihi when Hind came, you used to play Nakkara, when you used to play Nakkara, people would gather listening to his voice, then you used to say that come if someone is seeking to meet Allah. So come, let me introduce him to Allah, Allah Allah, he was the founder of Silsila-e-Sattariya and why not be the one who is the son of Shaikh Sahabuddin Soharwardy Rahmatullah Allah and should be the Caliph on such a big place.
Why shouldn’t the place of Hazrat Ba Yazid Bustami Rahmatullah Alaih be blessed?
(Note–) Sheikh Sirajuddin Abdullah Sattar Rahmatullah Alaih has been mentioned here because he is the founder of Sattari Silsila, through which a lot of work has been done in Hindi, hence, dear ones, it has become easy for you to understand how much Silsila-e-Sattaria is. There is a sequence of Motabar and Buland and Bala. Sufis say that these six groups have made great sacrifices in spreading Islam in India.
2- Silsila-e-Chishtiya
5- Silsila e Sattaria
6- Silsila e Owasia
I have mentioned Silsila Owaisiya in this book on the basis of Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar Rahmatullah Alaihe)
Ali Us Sani
By the way, every believer knows this thing that in status, in character, in worship, in respect, in kindness, in friendship, in Imamat, in knowledge, in manners, in Fiqh, in principle, any person, son-in-law, Mustafa Sartaje, Zahra Salamullah Alaiha Ameerul Momineen, Maulai Qainaat Hazrat Ali Karamallahu Wazhul There can be no match for Kareem. You have also read earlier that once Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar Rahmatullah Alaih had wished that I be made like Ali but the answer came no, there will not be two Ali in the universe, then his fragrance was given to you, due to which he was called Bu Ali. Started going.
But why are you called Ali Us Sani here?
One has to pay attention to it and understand it. In fact, the way Nabi Kareem Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam gave direct knowledge to Maulay Qainaat.
Had done, in the same way you were also given direct knowledge by Nabi Karim.
Prophet gave knowledge
In fact, when you were getting your education, your teacher Allama Ilamuddin Alaihirrahma passed away, after which you always used to think and worry that what knowledge my teacher has not yet taught me. One day you were sleeping in the night that Syedul Ambiya Tajdare Madina Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam came in a dream and said Nawase Wajihuddin, don’t worry, we have given you the knowledge of everything that even you and your teachers did not know. And after saying this, he gave you a paper and said that if someone asks how much knowledge you have, then remember this list and tell him, then this was the incident after which the ocean of knowledge started laughing in your chest. The beauty of your knowledge started speaking, why not when grandfather Babul is knowledge and maternal grandfather Madinatul knowledge, then why shouldn’t son be the ocean of knowledge –?
Your family and arrival in India
Your father is Amjad Yemeni, about whom the Prophet has said that Yemen is a city of angels and the Prophet had gone to Yemen as its governor where millions of Yemenis embraced Islam on his hands. In your Jeddah Amjad, Syed Bahauddin Alaihira Rahma went from Yemen to Mecca, stayed there and started preaching the religion. After a few days, the order was given to go towards Hind and then brought Hind Tasharif from there.
Family Pashmanjar
Your grandfather Amjad used to be a judge in the court i.e. Qazi because at that time to become a judge one had to acquire religious education instead of worldly education. His son Syed Atauddin Alvi Alahirrahma was the imam in the mosque. His son Syed Imamuddin Alvi Alahirrahma and his son Hazrat Syed Nasrullah Alvi Alahirrahma were also the Qazi of the city at that time. At that time the position of Qazi was very big.
Talim (Education)
When you were 4 years old, Bismillah rituals were performed and Ibtidai Talim started, after 15 years you have memorized Quran Majeed. At that time, the language of the family was Persian. After memorizing the Qur’an, you aspired for higher education, then you got training from your uncle Allama Syed Shamshuddin Ahmed Alaihirrahma and Mamu, because your entire family was an intellectual influence. After taking care of his senses (after becoming an adult), he started following Shariat.
scholarly influence
hazrat Wajihuddin alvi used to know more than 60 Ulooms. You have learned Ilmen Deen till the age of 24 years. When you completed your education and took possession of more than 60 scholars, you laid the foundation of Madrasa Alia Alvia. You established a madrasa on your own land. Acknowledging your scholarly clout, the Ulema of Gujarat conferred the title of Mufti on you. This means that you have got the authority that the whole of Gujarat will have to accept the fatwa of a 24-year-old youth.
(Note–) Dear ones, giving the title Mufti here means that in those days Mufti used to have great respect and fame because he used to be a real Mufti, used to be an ocean of knowledge, used to follow Shariat Not like Mufti, nowadays this title is heard in every village, but there is a difference between them and even a less understanding person can feel that difference)
Hazrat wajihuddin alvi established the Madrasa, there started coming big Ulema Fukha. Children came from Lahore to study. You have made 80 thousand students of knowledge alim, hafiz of Quran. Dear ones, see from here the condition of the people of Allah.
The hadith of my Prophet is that
“The best of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it to others.”
Here your caste has taught Quran to 80 thousand. hazrat wajihuddin alvi have come out of the madrasa only 4 times.
Arrival of Pir-Murshid
If we are talking about Auliya Allah, then until the Peer Murshid is not praised, the matter will never be completed till the doomsday. Because no matter how pious a person may be, no matter how high his reputation may be, no matter how great a scholar he may be, until he does not get the company of a mentor, he remains away from reality, without the eyes of a mentor, there is no contact and enjoyment of reality. Can’t get it. Once in 948 Hijri, Hazrat Khwaja Gaus Muhammad Gwaliori Sattari Rahmatullah Alaih wrote Merajnama, at that time you were in Gujarat only. 
When Ali Muttaqi came in front of Allah, she said that whoever wrote this is not a Muslim, the king should kill him, otherwise a new fitna will arise. When the matter reached you, you went to meet Khwaja Gaus Mohammad Gwaliori Rahmatullah Alaih. You entered the room, the whole night passed, you sat there. Your nephew Syed Shah Hashim Alaihirrahma writes that you used to say that if that meeting with the Khwaja had not happened, Syed Wajihuddin Alvi Rahmatullah Alaih would never have become a Muslim. Dear Allahu Akbar, pay attention to the fact that the scholar who was the Mufti of Gujarat, who was the ocean of knowledge, whose lineage was higher than every lineage, i.e. the spectacles of the Hashmi family, despite that, if he had not found a mentor, he would not have become a Muslim. Here we and you don’t get puffed up with pride even after offering prayers for 5 times. May Allah worry about our end and Ishq Auliya should drown in Allah, otherwise life is not enough to give you a chance again and again.
What you got that night was not your whole life. The next morning, when the fatwa of Shaikh Abdul Muttaki Alaihirrahma came in front of you, you tore it as soon as you read it, whereas they only wanted your signature, because if all the Ulemas of Gujarat had signed that fatwa and your signature was not there, it would have been only This fatwa was of no more status than a waste paper. You tore the fatwa and said, listen, we are the people of the past and they are Arabs. With this statement of his, all the allegations ended and everyone was happy with your decision. That’s why Shaikh Ali Muttaqi Alahirrahma called you Mujaddid.
childhood and piety
When you were small, one day you did not drink milk, your mother got upset, the next day you did not drink milk, so she did Wudu. As soon as she gave you milk after doing Wudu, you immediately drank the milk. Now he did not perform ablution again with the intention of testing you, then you did not drink milk when he
I was convinced that my son does not drink milk until I perform ablution, that is why everyone in the family respected you so much.
left home food
You were obedient to Shariat. Haram took care of Halal. Once you did not eat home cooked food for 2 months. Whenever you felt hungry, you would go to the forest and eat grass and leaves. When the father saw, he said, Son, what is the matter, you have become so weak, why don’t you eat food? You replied, father dear, you are the Qazi (judge) of the city, you have authority over the people. But the whole of Gujarat knows you. I suspect that when your servant brings vegetables from the market, perhaps because of your influence and position, he does not take money and we eat Haram Lukma unknowingly. Due to this fear, I do not eat home food. am. Hearing the son’s answer, the father smiled and said, “Son, if I had not paid attention to the Haram and Halal looks, then Allah would not have given me a virtuous son like you.” You had become very weak at the last moment. One day you thought that from tomorrow onwards I will not teach Hadith because I was too old, that very night you saw the Prophet’s prayer.
He happened and said, O Nawase, when you recite Hadith, we sit and listen to you, in the morning, you start crying and since then, as long as you were alive, you yourself used to read Hadith with great sadness. When you died, the whole of Gujarat was in shock. There was a flood in your funeral, everyone had this wish, I wish I could give shoulder to the funeral of Naib-e-Gause Azam, Aashique Rasool’s funeral was being held in the midst of millions of people, even today people get phase from your hand. And will continue to receive strength.
Syed Wajihuddin Alvi Rahmatullah Alaih at a glance
1 — You kept saying that Khwaja Gaus Mohammad Gwaliori Rahmatullah Alaih has taken me to God.
2– Shah Muhaddis Abdul Haq Dehlvi Rahmatullah Alaih writes that when I stayed in Gujarat, I also went to meet him, I found him Wali-e-Kamil and he used to do a lot of Riyazt.
3– Mulla Abdul Qadir Badayuni Alaihirrahma has written in his book Muntakhbut Tawarikh that hardly any If there was a book left which had no title or margin, and in whose favor you used to pray, it would be completed immediately.
4 — You have taken your steps out of the Madrasa only 4 times, otherwise you would have always stayed in the Madrasa and kept teaching.
5- Sheikh Ali Muttaqi Alahirrahma called you Mujaddid.
6–You used to say that there should be such an eye on the apparent Shari’ah as Sheikh Abdul Muttaki Alaihirrahma has and the reality should be seen as our Murshid Khwaja Ghaus Muhammad Gwaliary Rahmatullah Alaihi.
7 — Hazrat wajihuddin alvi  used to know more than 60 scholars, you have made 80 thousand students Hafiz / Alim.
8 — Hazrat wajihuddin alvis grandfather Amjad had come to India from Yemen.
9 —  Hazrat wajihuddin alvis Astana is in the Indian city of Gujarat. Your series is Sattaria.
10– Hazrat wajihuddin alvi  Wali-e-Kamil, Qutub-e-Gujarat, Mujaddid, Muhaqqiq hai, you will remain alive till death.
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