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Hazrat Hussain shah wali (tolichowki shaikpet)

Hussain shah wali
by quadeer

Hazrat Hussain shah wali was born in bidar.

Hazrat Hussain Shah Wali was a Great Sufi saint of Golconda, during the reign of the Qutub Shahi dynasty. Hazrat is been recognized for building the Hussain Sagar at Hyderabad in the year 1562. 

Hazrat completed his studies and teaching of Islam in bidar. Hazrat Hussain shah wali was born in Bidar. and his ancestors were shrine caretakers of Dargah of Khaja Bande Nawaz Gulbarga.

Hussain shah wali got favour from inheritance from relation with Khaja Bande Nawaz.

The post of the shrine caretaker continued in the names of Miya Yadullah and till Aurangzeb Alamgir.

This chain of service and post was open with them.

Aurangzeb visited Gulbarga after capturing Bijapur. He summoned Qutbi Saheb, a shrine guardian who belonged to the sons Miya Yadullah .

Qutbi Saheb due to kasar humility and habit of mysticism could not see him and has refused his royal order. Due to the above incident, Aurangzeb got upset and angry with him and he has issued orders for his immediate dismissal from his post of the caretaker.

Appointed another person as shrine caretaker in his place and that person was Hussain Shah Wali’s ancestor and in this matter.

The Sultan has announced Sanad with Khalat by his seal and signature. So from that date on, the position of Shrine caretaker for Gesu Daraz at Gulbarga was still in place.

Hazrat got caliphate from his father. Hazrat Syed shah Saifullah Hussaini is grand children of Hazrat khaja bandanawaz Rh. Hazrat moved from bidar to Golconda when sultan Ibrahim Qutub shah rule on the Qutub shahi ruler’s request. Qutub Shahi rulers were devotees to Hazrat Hussain shah wali. 

Hazrat insists that he should worship Allah alone and hide from all to guard the divine secrets.

The famous Hussain Sagar lake constructed under his administration. People know that the lake was a source of employment for thousands of workers. where ration given instead of wages.

Its construction took two years and seven lakh rupees. Death He was in service of the king of Golconda for a long time and satisfied his important duties there. and engaged in the worship of Allah. His age is more than a hundred years.

Hazrat has left the universe at 14th Jamid Thani, 1068.

Hazrat hussain shah wai left this universe at 100 years of age.

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