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Hazrat Momin chup (Lal Darwaza,aliabad)

Momin chup (Lal Darwaza,aliabad)
by quadeer
Mir Momin Hussain, nicknamed Saifullah and nicknamed Shah Momin Chup, was from Sadat Rizvi, a great Sanadal and Sahib Tafsir of the Chishti method. And Hazrat Khwaja Aminuddin Aala Chishti was one of the contemporaries of Bijapuri, may God bless him and grant him peace.
And he stayed in Mohalla Aliabad: Most of the time of Hazrat Rahmatullah Alaihi was spent in remembrance of God. He is always lonely and has never had any marriage throughout his life. They did not communicate. The response of the interested and the needy was shown through the actions. That is why Shah Momin is known as Chup. Hazrat momin chup passed away in the month Safar.
And they were buried in the same place, where they died in life. Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaihi’s shrine is particularly common in Mohalla Aliabad. Urs is held annually. Sultan Asafia had special devotion to Hazrat momin chup Bargah. Every year there was a usual place for Urs. And five times a day  Namaz was performed. Did not go on Monday. 
Location The momin chup of the Lal Darwaz is situated on its right side within the four walls of a spacious and strong enclosure in a heavily armed and ancient graveyard. It is decorated with a four-walled floor and has a north-south elevation, east-west elevation of 9H, and one rajah is installed on the east, west and south sides of the four walls. The gate on the south side is always open for visitors.
The mausoleum of Hazrat momin shup (Alaihi Rahma) is made of mausoleum and has the best fate. He is a foot two inches long, we are fit, his width is high and the sofa is high.
Khanaqah and Naqar Khanaqah are some distance away from the large and solid monastery in the western direction of Dargah Sharif
The passing of the Qutb Zaman is easily the year of death.
The year of death has been determined, but the year of death of Hazrat momin chup (Alaihi Rahma) cannot be calculated below the number.
All historians have agreed that the year of death of Hazrat Rahmatullah Alaihi is 25 2. Public historians have listed Shah Momin chup as one of the contemporaries of Hazrat Aminuddin Ali Ala Bijapuri.
All the chroniclers have written that Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah came to Hyderabad during the reign of Golkanda during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah 35. So, in light of these strong historical arguments, the year of Hazrat’s death can be absolutely correct. 
In, at present, the relevant persons of Dargah Sharif and the reasonableness of the matter are being discussed. At the first gate of the vast cemetery.
there was a terra-cotta-clad painting house at some distance from the covered dargah. The answer is broken but some traces of it remain today. Inside the four walls of the mausoleum, a black stone inscription has been installed, but it is inscribed in Saikh script with the words “Hakam Malik Allah” and “Durood Sharif”. 2. The door frame of the western door is made of stone. On his forehead, these verses and the word Tayyaba are inscribed in script
Balg al-Ala Bikmala Kashf al-Dahi al-Jamali Hasnat al-Jamee al-Aliyyah, peace and blessings be upon him, Yemen, there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, 
This book of raised letters is a syllabary standing on the right side of the western gate in Sang Musa.
Annual Urs Shareef of Hazrat momin chup is conducted each year.
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