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Hazrat Syed shah meran Hassani Hussaini Quadri bughdadi Rh (langar house)

meran hassani hussaini
by quadeer

Hazrat  meran hassani hussaini was born in Iraq. Hazrat Syed shah meeran Hassani Hassani is a descendant of Hazrat syedna Ghouse Azam Shaik Abdul Qadir jeelani Rh. 

 Hazrat’s linage 
Syed shah meeran Hussaini, son of Syed shah Masood hasani Hussaini Quadri bughdadi son of Syed Jalaluddin, son of Syed Ali, son of Syed Abdullah, son of Syed murshid son of Syed Mohd Qasim, son of Syed Hussain sani, son of Syed Musa, son of Syed Mohd, son of Syed Hussain, son of Syed Ahmed, son of syedna imaduddin Abi salah Nasir Mohd Quadri, son of syedna tajuddin Abdul Razzak Quadri son of syedna shaikh Abdul Qadir jeelani Razi Allah hu anhu.
Hazrat meran hassani hussaini  has been named in saba Quadri seven-member who were descents of Hazrat shaikh Ghouse Azam Razi Allahu anuhu came to Deccan to spread Islam.
Hazrat meran hassani hussaini belongs to the Sadat family. Therefore, Hazrat is called Hussaini instead of Hussein, and his patronymic name is known as Ghouse sani, and his title is well known as Shah Abadal.
Hazrat Meran hassani  Hussaini al Hamvi’s (R.A) grave is located in LangerHouz, Hyderabad, Telangana.


From an early age, Hazrat meran hassani hussaini has been much interested in knowledge of Zaheri and with this ability of Zaheri, and there was a passion for him for one who seeks Allah. Therefore, he becomes perfect in the following things upon doing his great endeavors and many complicated tasks. 
1. Mystics exercise.
2. Endeavours.
Hazrat meran hassani hussaini has received caliphate up on his Bait with his father, Hazrat Syed Shah Masud Hasan al- Hussaini Quaderi Baghdadi.
During their childhood, Hazrat migrated from Hamat, reached for the Golconda along with his disciples and devotees, and settled down in the mosque near Golconda fort in Langer Houz and till his last day.
Conduct and character
He has complete trust in Allah, and he was used to engaging the whole night in the worship of Allah, and he never missed his Tahjud prayer supererogatory prayer in the early hours of the morning. He did not have any link and connection with mankind and the world.
He was always used to being busy in invocation and engagement. Due to his trust in Allah and content, he will not accept presents and gifts from his disciples and devotees. He was a very kind-hearted pious person. He used to help poor and underprivileged persons due to his following qualities; many persons always present around him to get his favor and attention.
1. mystic. 
2. holiness. 
3. Spiritual status.
General and notable persons benefited by his favor and intimate knowledge of Allah.
Many events of his miracles and revelation are available in the historical records, and from his many thousand blessings, one of the following events is well known and famous.  
Once there were 100 people with him, and there was nothing available with them for their food for three days; for this reason, Darvesh and other persons in the shrine were facing severe hunger with them and feeling problems and difficulty in this matter.
There is no death for the holy and religious personalities of Allah. Still, as per limitations and regulations, Allah will transfer them from one place to another, and another world is more profitable than this world. This transfer is known as death or another planet. Hazrat left this word on 13th Jamadi ul Awwal in 1049 Hijri.
His tomb is situated in the Langer Houz area on the northern side of the road, and on its left side, the mausoleum of this great Sheikh is located. There is one door on the southern side of the tomb, and now one more entry is added and was constructed by some believers for the comfort of the visitors there. 
The construction of the above tomb is based on royal structure, and in this tomb, there are two graves available, and the details are as follows.
1. Sheikh’s grave. 
2. In another grave, his wife is buried, and this grave is constructed in the ladies’ grave manner. 
Hazrat meran hassani hussaini has five sons, and their names are as follows.
1.Hazrat Syed Abdul Quader.
2.Hazrat Syed Abdul Wahab.
3.Hazrat Syed Saduddin Syed Asadullah.
4.Hazrat Syed Mohammed.
5.Hazrat Syed Abdul Razzaq.
Personality noted all the above for the following things.
1. Trust in Allah.
2. Persons of revelation.
3. Persons of miracles.
The Hazrat meran hassani hussaini left this world 385 years ago, but since 385 years to date, his miracles and favors are continued and available in the shrine area. Therefore, it is the day and night experience in the shrine area that the visitors are fulfilled with their desire and wishes, and for needy people,
it is an excellent place to fulfill their wishes from this shrine. 
His spiritual tribunal is most beneficial for the following diseases and problems.
1.All diseases. 
2. Evil spirits. 
He has explained that his majestic condition is still alive,
Annual Urs Shareef is conducted every year. People come here to seek the blessing of aulia Allah. 
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