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Hazrat Baba sharfuddin soharwardi Rh (pahadi shareef Dargha) 

Baba sharfuddin soharwardi
by quadeer
Night view from the ground.

Hazrat genealogy is traced back to Hazrat Imam Hussain Razi Allah hu Anuhu. Hazrat baba sharfuddin was born in Iraq.

Hazrat baba sharfuddin soharwardi belongs to the sadath Hussaini family.


Syed sharuddin  soharwardi  Iraqi S/o Syed Mahmood S/o Syed Ahmed S/o Syed Abdullah S/o Syed Asghar S/o Syed Jafar sani S/o syedna imam Ali naqi Razi Allah anuhu S/o syedna imam Mohd Taqi Razi Allah anuhu S/o syedna imam Ali Musa Raza Razi Allah anuhu S/o syedna imam Mohd Musa Kazim Razi Allah anuhu S/o syedna Jaffar Sadiq Razi Allah anuhu S/o syedna imam Mohd baqir Razi Allah anuhu bin syedna Zainul Abidin Razi Allah anuhu S/o syedna imam Hussain alaihi salam.
Hazrat baba sharfuddin soharwardi was born on 19th Shaban in the year 586 A.H. in Iraq. Hazrat landed in India directly and was reached in the Deccan in 640 A.H.
Hazrat baba sharfuddin soharwardi completed his early education and training in the city of Baghdad. Hazrat completed the education of the Quran under the supervision of his father. Hazrat became the disciple of Sufi Master Sheikh Syed Shahabuddin Saherwadi and learned the following knowledge from him successfully.
1. Exegesis of the Holy Quran.
2. Traditions of the Noble Prophet (P.B.U.H). 
3. Islamic jurisprudence . 
Due to living in the presence of the above Sufi Master for a long period, he became his famous disciple, and he obtained a caliphate from him. Due to significant endeavours and activity in the company of Sheikh Syed Shahabuddin Soharwardi, Hazrat became perfect in the worship and improved his manners to greater heights and which correspond with the methods of his Sheikh and his great spiritual master.
He maintained his nightly prayers and devotions.
During the whole night, he used to pray supererogatory prayers. Hazrat used to perform ablution with cold water four hours from sunrise. He performed the supererogatory prayers in the early morning prayers during the nights with great care and concentration. After the end of the above worship, he was busying in the following things.
1. Worship. 
2. Mystical Exercise. 
3. Preaching and propagation work of Islam.
Hazrat was a kind-hearted man, and his methods were very good. Also, he was a very simple man and possessed fine manners and character. Hazrat had great control over his soul. Due to his great character, there were great blessings and guidance for the area’s people.
 Hazrat never wanted richness and wealth and the higher status of life, and he was always preferred to live among the poor persons and never liked to have relations with the rich persons. Hazrat has appointed the best and trained disciples and caliphs and sent them across Deccan. 
His main teachings are as follows.
1. Against caste and creed.
2. Against colour and race. 
3. Against language differences.
4. Against untouchability. 
5. Islamic brotherhood.
The shrine is located on a hilltop. 
Hazrat baba sharfuddin soharwardi does not have any children. 
Hazrat baba sharfuddin soharwardi was the caliph of Hazrat Shaik shabuddin suharwardi Rh.
Annual Urs is celebrated every year. Lakhs of people gather to celebrate the Urs. 
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