Hazrat Noorullah hussaini chisti Miracle Master 1mitti ka sher

Hazrat noorullah hussaini Mitti ka sher

noorullah hussaini mithi ka sher dargha
by quadeer

Hazrat NoorUllah hussaini bandanawazi (mitti ka sher) Rahmatullah alaihi’s ancestors were the descendants of Hazrat Khwaja Banda Nawaz Gesu Daraz alaihi Rahmah and the famous noble and honorable Sadats of Bijapur. Hazrat NoorUllah hussaini bandanawazi came to Golconda and did not stay forever. He is the time of Sultan Muhammad Quli. And settled in Mitti ka sher near Gulzar houz, the present neighborhood near Char Minar. Hazrat Rahmatullah Alaihi was a very pious and pious Sufi who stayed awake at night and performed Hajj, contented and trustful, bound by Shari’ah and Tariqat and was a Sufi under the guidance of the masters of his time.

Mitti ka sher dargha is a well-known landmark in Hyderabad.Qutub shahi rulers give respect to the Hazrat every time.

He was buried there on the 28th month of Dhi Majid 6. In the city of Hyderabad near Gulzar houz, where many needy people are still successful in their goals and objectives with the spiritual help of Hazrat Noor Ullah Hussaini, and after that they pray for success. The location of the shrine of Hazrat NoorUllah hussaini bandanawazi Rehmatullah Alaihi was in Mitti Ka Sher, adjacent to the mummy of modern Ashedan Sahib, on the south side of Shukar” located in an untouched room on a dirt road.
The interior floor of the room is made of dirt. Inside the room, the northeast is east. A tall fleshy palm tree and a very dense and dense dung tree from the southwest corner shade the shrine. A seal and waza are installed in the southern corner to enter the room. At present, there are three shrines inside the room and outside. There are not two mausoleums in India. The mausoleum of Hazrat Rehmatullah Alaihi is located on a solid plinth. Four pillars have been installed around the plinth and a dome-like roof has been placed on the plinth so that the rainwater can easily reach the plinth of the mausoleum. built but in need of repair. At present it is (5) feet long, 3 feet 3 inches wide and the floor is from the ground.
Swift is high. Dana and how many at the head of Hazrat Rahmatullah Alaihi’s shrine
A firm lamp is built, both arms of which are arches for lamps. And in between as follows
Two mounts en-suspended engraved and mounted in cello
Bismillah Rahman Assalamualaikum Date of death of Quds Sir Al-Aziz Hazrat Syed Shah Noorullah Hussaini 28 Dhu Hijjah Shana Mujri 1015
These  quranic verses are engraved in the stone of Musa and are installed.
Praise be to Allah, may God bless the Prophet, his father, his father, and his… And the Sadiq, the Kazim, the Reza, the Pure, the Pure, the Army, and the Mahdi.
In ancient times, the mercy of Hazrat noorullah hussaini bandanawazi Rahmatullah alaihi was for 28 men Yahjah

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