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KHaja baqi billah
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hazrat khaja baqi billah were born in 971 Hijri in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Your mother belongs to the Saadat family, she is a Syeda and the mother is a Sheikh. Dada Shaikh Sahabuddin Alaihira Rahma was the Qutb of that time. Even before your birth, your grandfather had received the good news. Grandfather says that Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam gave me the good news in my dream and said, O Sahabuddin, there will be a child in your house who will be a pure world.
childhood and education
At the age of 5, hazrat baqi billah started learning Quran Majeed from Khawaja Saad Alaihirarahma and at the age of 8, he learned to read the Quran. After that Mulla Sadiq Halwai You learned the knowledge of religion from Alaihira Rahma. After studying the knowledge, you moved towards Tasawwuf. Your mind was inclined towards Tasawwuf since childhood. You set out on a tour of Central Asia with Ustad Sadiq Alaihiramah. Since childhood, Hazrat baqi billah were more inclined towards the recent past rather than the past. When you came to Central Asia, you met hundreds of Sufis, which further increased your thirst. Now you started feeling restless. One day, you were sitting in the room praying when suddenly the room got illuminated and its presence shone upon you. After that you left everything and left the house in search of Murshid-e-Kamil.
Journey into the jungles in search of a guru
Dear ones, it has become so easy to make followers these days, in earlier times it was very difficult. When you went out into the forests in search of a Guru, you would follow any Mazzub you found, but after a few days you would go to another Mazzub. After a year, you came to Lahore following a strong man.
Passed away and on the other hand, when Mazzoob noticed it, he said, run away from here, but you did not listen to him and then started following him, when Mazzoob saw your love and affection, he explained with kindness and said, “Son, we do not have your phase.” Go go to someone else.
influx into Kashmir
When Majzoob said that your phase is not here, then after that you went to Baba Wali Naqshbandi Rahmatullah Alaih in Kashmir. He taught you the method of Zikr by the principle of Silsila-e-Naqshbandi. Then he became huge due to which you came from Kashmir to Delhi where you met Qutub-e-Alam Sheikh Abdul Aziz Dehlavi Rahmatullah Alaihe, he told you to go to Bukhara, your phase is there, after that you started towards Bukhara.
Piro Murshid
When you were going from Delhi to Bukhara, you saw your Piro Murshid in your dream and he was saying that
Come quickly son, I have been waiting for you for so long. I have your phase. When you came to your Guru Murshid Khwaja Amgangi Rahmatullah Alaih, he sat you down and kept you with him for three days and awarded you permission and Khilafat and said that you go to India and spread Silsila-e-Naqshbandiyya and a Shahbaz will give you such Allah is going to do a great job from the person to whom you will get the entire phase and go away.
arrival in hind again
Earlier, you had gone to Bukhara from Hind in search of Murshid, now on the orders of Murshid, you again came to Hind and as per his orders, started searching for the person about whom Murshid had made a will. After a year, you came to Lahore and searched everywhere for that Shahbaz but you did not see any such person. After one year you left Lahore and came to Delhi. Here your fame started spreading but you used to run away from this thing. In your honour, Ustadul Muddiseen Shah Abdul Haq Dehlavi Alaihirrahama says that you are the mystery of Allah and His light.
Are. You stayed in Delhi and got married and had two sons. In fact, you were looking for your Naib, for whom you used to remain worried and met people very rarely, used to offer Namaz in the Masjid only. One day you started saying to your followers that listen, we did not do Piri Muridi for three years, but we only play games, it is the grace of Allah that there has never been a loss in this game.
daily prayer and time
Hzarat baqi billah daily habit was that he used to start reciting Quran after Isha prayer and completed one Quran Kareem till Tahajjud, after that he would perform Tahajjud prayer and then recite Surah Yaseen 120 times. After offering Fajr prayer, he would recite Surah Muzammil 41 times and then rest after Ishraq and Chashat prayers. Then he used to wake up before Zohar prayer and read Nawafil from Zohar to Asr and recite Durood Sharif from Asr to Maghrib. Hazrat baqi billah taught and gave lessons to his followers from Maghrib to Isha. Sometimes even when we go out, we just It was your daily routine to go and sit on the lap of Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki Rahmatullah Alaihi.
(Note) Dear ones, it is important to note here that Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki Rahmatullah Alaih is the Azim Peshwa of Silsila e Chisht and Khwaja Baqi Billah Rahmatullah Alaih is the Azim Peshwa of Naqshbandiya and both the Silsilas are opposite to each other in principle. Yes, the destination of each series is the same. Now when the great elders of two great lineages love and respect each other so much, then today’s followers don’t know what is the trick that they don’t understand other peer in front of their peer and other series in front of their own. And don’t know how much disrespect they keep on doing, so we must know that every series is greater than the blessings of the universe and is on the right, yes, some of their rules are opposite to each other, but the root of all is the same. must remember
Once it was getting severe cold, you were lying on the bed, then you said bring me to read Nafil, then you paid Nafil, it was very cold, so you thought that bring it, I will read Wazaif while sitting on the bed, as soon as you went to bed, you picked up the blanket and saw. That a cat is sleeping, you stood up and recited all the reasons but did not wake up the cat. This is a question, can today’s person also do this, rather if he is in control of anger, he will immediately kill the cat, then the purpose of this is that those who want to equalize Auliya Allah, they do not even the dust of their feet. Will we be able to become like them, there is no question of becoming like them.
do not eat animal parts
Once a boy came and said, sir, my father has stomach pain, please pray that he gets well, he is in a lot of trouble, you said son, your father has eaten part of the horse, that’s why he is in pain. When that boy came home, he said everything. When told, his father said yes son, he is telling the truth, yesterday I had half jaggery and some gram from the jaggery of the horse.
Took it out for myself and ate it in the evening. Again he fed jaggery and gram to the horse, after which his pain subsided.
Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya Mahbube Ilahi Rahmatullah Alaih says that a Sufi who does not have Aziz and Inkisari is not a Sufi but a hypocrite, but without this the devotee cannot enjoy Tasawwuf. When you were in Lahore there was a drought. You eat food for one day and fast for one day. While traveling on a horse, you would meet an old man on the way, put him on the horse and start walking yourself. Once an old man was walking, you made him sit on a horse and he himself was walking by holding the reins. When he came to the city after walking many miles, he dropped them and himself sat on the horse. The old man asked what happened, are the young men tired? You did not say Baba dear, the people of this city know me and if they see that I am on foot and you are on a horse, then my inkisari
Churches will be everywhere and I do not like fame at all.
va kamil
When hazrat baqi billah used to stand up to offer Namaz, you would have followers beside you because whatever a common man was thinking during Namaz, you would come to know and it would disturb your Namaz too. Once a Sahib came from a long distance, he was feeling very cold. During prayer, in a state of prostration, he thought that Khwaja Baqi Billah Alaihirrahma would give me a blanket to cover. Here, as soon as he returned his salam, hazrat baqi billah told your followers to give him a blanket. On hearing this, he was surprised, since then he did not pray next to you, because you would have known those things/conditions that a person thinks in his mind.
Hazrat baqi billah used to say that our Zikr creates passion, with the help of passion all the places are settled easily. On whose side you look, the person starts yearning. If you looked at Khwaja Burhanuddin, he would have jumped 22 yards.
Fana and Baqa
Maulana Abdur Rahman Jami Rahmatullah Alaih’s book Risala Quraishiya has been told about the relationship between Fana and Baqa. If Fana is understood in simple language, then it means to end and Baqa means rest.
Fana in Tasawwuf means that something exists but is not realised. When a Sufi reaches the first stage of Fanna, he loses the feeling of Nabdaat, Jamdaat, Hawanat and Anasir in the second stage, and then on the third stage, the whole world disappears, that is, he does not realize the world. Happens and he can see only the caste of H, nothing else can be seen. Sufi destroys all the evils in deciding the destination of Fana, after that when all the evils are finished, he reaches the place of Baqa. Baqa is better than Fana, Baqa is achieved only by leaving Fana. When a Sufi destroys ignorance, it remains with knowledge. When a Sufi destroys everything, the rest becomes Billah.
hazrat baqi billah used to say that in Silsila-e-Naqshbandi, instead of Vilayat, attention is paid to Vilayat because Vilayat is the real Tasawwuf and Vilayat is fame. You said that Sufis have tawheed and with regard to tawheed you said that tawheed is to consider yourself helpless in front of Allah Rabbul Izzat in everything. Your follower and caliph is Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alfa Sani Rahmatullah Alaih. You kept him with you only for three days and gave him the whole phase. Whenever Mujaddid Alfa Sani Rahmatullah Alaihe would bring Tasharif in the gathering, he would stand and welcome him and say, since Allah has increased his position, why shouldn’t I stand seeing my Mujaddid? Said but the work done through you will keep your name alive till doomsday. You are that great personality of Tasawwuf. From whose caste, Silsila-e-Naqshbandiya is still flourishing in India.
Annual urs of khaja baqi billah is celebrated every year.
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