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Hazrat Jamaluddin Shah Shaheed

jamaluddin shah

The birth of Hazrat syed jamaluddin shah shaheed is said to have been before the foundation of Hyderabad. His tomb was located on the northern bank of Mussi river (nayapul Bridge) on the eastern side below the new one, where his shrine is now. He used to sit alone in such a place in a state of absorption for many days. The needy often live near you. Once the continuation took the opportunity and martyred you. Burial took place at the residence. After Wisal, there was a flood in the Musi river several times due to which the nearby houses collapsed, only they were alone, but the shrine was not damaged.

The shrine was preserved in nominal condition. Before Nayapul, i.e. at the time of flood of salam, many people saw an old man on a horse on the south bank of Musa River, hitting the river with a whip in his hand and saying, “Now get off.” Now get off,” you said like this, the saifin became less. Those who saw it with their own eyes are sure that Hazrat Syed Jamaluddin Shah will be martyred on horseback. He had no children.20 Rabi al-Thani. His Urs is celebrated.

A small green dome has been built on the shrine. Four solid steps have been built leading to the new shrine. The present custodian and attendant is Mr. Moulvi Muhammad Abdul Rahim who lives near the shrine.

Annual urs of hazrat syed jamaluddin shah is celebrated every year.

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