Hazrat Khwaja Syed Kamaluddin Dehlvi True master 1

Hazrat Khwaja Syed Kamaluddin Dehlvi

Khaja syed Kamaluddin Dehlvi
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Hazrat syed kamaluddin dehlvi were born in Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh. kamaluddin dehlvi are the real nephew and caliph of Hazrat Khwaja Naseeruddin Mahmood Roshan Charag Dehlvi Rahmatullah Alaihi. Your name was Syed Kamaluddin. You are a Hasani Sayyid by descent, that is, one of the progeny of Maula Imam Hasan Raziallahu Anhu. Your father’s name is Syed Abdurrahman. You have a brother Hazrat Syed Zainul Abedin Alaihiramah. Your mother was Rabia-e-Jaman of her time.

‘On the way, I came to know that Sultanul Mashaikh Khwaja Hazrat Nizamuddin Mehbooba Ilahi Rahmatullah Alaih has given relief and in his place you are sitting on the throne, so if I go empty handed then my own people and others will say something, that is why I have brought the matter in the open, now I am telling him the Ulema. I will divide them into Fuqaha, Sufia and Miskeen. After that you distributed all the wealth and started serving the Murshid Khilafat. marriage and children
You married on the orders of Khwaja Naseeruddin Mahmood Roshan Charagh Dehlavi Rahmatullah Alaih, from whom your three sons and one daughter-in-law came into existence. Among them, your elder prince Sheikh Nizamuddin died in his youth. Your second Sahebzade Sheikh Naseeruddin had graduated from Tehsil Ilm during his lifetime. Your third prince is Shaikhul Mashayakh Shaikh Sirajuddin Alaihiramah. Your Sahabzadi was married to Sheikh Burhanuddin Alaihirarahma.
Visal Sharif
Your Visal happened on 27 Jikada 756 Hijri. Your Astana is with your maternal uncle Hazrat Khwaja Naseeruddin Mahmood Roshan Charagh Dehlvi Rahmatullah Alaih.
you at a glance
1- You were the ocean of knowledge of your time, Sufi Auliya, Allah received training from you, that is why your most famous title was Allama.
2– Whenever we met on the way, Hazrat Khwaja Naseeruddin Mahmood Roshan Charagh Dehlvi would stand up after seeing you.
3–Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Makhdoom Jahaniya Jahang Rahmatullah Alaih has read the Sharah of Masharikul Anwar from you.
4- You were Fayez Bakmal Dervish at the highest level of Tasawwuf.
5–Your Shajra-e-Nasab is beautiful which is mentioned in dozens of important books of Tasawwuf. Your glory is high and beautiful.
Annual urs of hazrat syed kamaluddin dehlvi is celebrated every year.
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